EDF 2025’s Second Trailer: Tank You, D3

EDF 2025’s Second Trailer: Tank You, D3

The second trailer for Earth Defense Force 4 (AKA Earth Defense Force 2025) is full of tanks, explosions and plenty of biting insect death. Which is exactly the way that I like it.

I make no secret of the fact that Earth Defense Force 2017 is one of my most played games of the current generation — it might just be the most played game in fact, so I’m very hyped for Earth Defense Force 2025, as long as it can get that balance of gameplay and cheesy looking alien robots just right.

Over the New Year’s break, D3 Publisher released a second trailer which, frankly, just has me all the more hyped — as well as nicely washing away the horrid aftertaste of that Insect Armageddon rubbish.


  • EDF!! EDF!! EDF!!! gota be one of my favourite games remember playing the first one a few years back had a blast it is so unique and outer there! people shoudlnt just give it a miss because it isn’t a AAA game! this shit is mad! get on it!

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