Entire League Of Legends Team Disqualified For ‘Toxic Behaviour’

Entire League Of Legends Team Disqualified For ‘Toxic Behaviour’

The crackdown continues. League of Legends developers Riot have banned three more e-sports hopefuls from the game, this time only days away from a LoL Championship Series qualifying event in Poland.

The three players — Khaled Abusagr, Nicolaj Jensen and Simon Näslund — were all banned having repeatedly been suspended for poor behaviour (such as verbal abuse), while Jensen has even been caught launching DDOS attacks against competitors.

Riot’s final rulings on all three players make for damning reading:

Absugar: Abusagr has fully violated every part of the Summoner’s Code.

Jensen: Jensen has violated the Summoner’s Code in a persistent and remorseless fashion.

Näslund: Näslund has violated the Summoner’s Code in a persistent and unapologetic fashion.

All three are on the same e-sports side, Team Solo Mebdi, so as a result of the timing, scale and severity of the actions of so many of its members, the entire team has been disqualified from the event.

“Of course, nobody wants to take actions like these so close to a tournament event”, Riot’s tribunal writes, “but it takes time to carefully investigate, review and uncover all of the relevant historical facts of players (especially when they’ve operated under multiple banned accounts), and we never make decisions like these lightly.”

“As always, one of our top goals is to ensure that players seeking to compete in the LCS represent the principles of good sportsmanship and clean play.”

Näslund’s account has ben suspended for 12 months, while the other two have been suspended “indefinitely”.

On the one hand, it’s great Riot are taking such drastic action against the kind of behaviour that turns people off the game, but on the other, boy, it’s showing there’s some institutionalised awfulness if so many prominent players are being banned for such serious violations.

eSports Competition Rulings: Suspensions of StunnedandSlayed, Veigodx and Rayt3ch [LoL — thanks Andy!]


    • Yeah, It’s great how Riot and Valve are doing their best to control HoN and Dota 2 respectively, in terms of community.

    • I think the same can be said for the most competitive games. Although from what I’ve heard, its hard to top the inflated ego’s of Dota, Lol and Hon players.

        • I agree, my very first Dota game i had another player teach me a bit about the game and was quite nice about it, whereas with LoL i was immediately told to uninstall by 3 members of my team.

        • Quite the opposite. For my first month of Dota, I was getting kicked from a third of my games for being newb. So I switched to LoL which had just come out of beta so everyone was as green as I was. A far better learning environment.

    • They’re professionals. Professional players in any sport should always be held to a higher standard of behaviour. Not only are they the ones in the spotlight representing the most public face of their sport they are leaders and role models in their community.

      If eSports want to be taken seriously they need to crack down on stuff like this. They can be legitimate sports, hell in some cases superior sports, but not if they keep playing by backyard rules.

    • EXACTLY !!! Why ban these professional gamer’s who consistently break the rules, it’s just unfair and this injustice I will no longer stand for.

      It’s the same as this celebrity getting slapped a 762 dollar fine for driving by himself on his L’s

      It’s just unfair that so many people may do the same thing and these high profile characters are getting punished.

      So much injustice in this world it just disgust me…I am going to cry now.

  • LoL. Gave it a shot once….

    Once. I was done in 20 minutes. Playing something like that professionally would probably make me want of off myself.

    In fact, the idea of professional gaming itself is kinda ridiculous to me. Sure I’d like to play games for a living but then as a professional I’d be expected to hone my skills on the game I was apparently a pro at right? Possibly leaving absolutely no time to actually enjoy games?

    Anyway, are these people considered professional because they are actually really bloody good or because once you have a team you are called professional? Either way I find it rather hilarious…

    Anyway, rules is rules.

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