Epic Citadel Shows Mobile Gamers Just How Pretty Android Can Be

Back in 2010, Epic Games released an Unreal Engine 3 tech demo for the iPhone and iPad that opened gamers' eyes to the potential for console-quality gaming on Apple's portable devices. Now it's out for Android, and it's prettier (and more useful) than ever.

Available as a free download on Google Play, Epic Citadel allows Android users to explore a gorgeously-rendered fantasy kingdom, soaking in the vertex deformation, skeletal animation, dynamic specular lighting and — most importantly — lens flares.

Meanwhile, the iOS version has been updated today as well, tightening up the graphics and adding support for the higher resolution devices that have been released over the past few years.

The Android version of the app also includes a benchmarking tool, necessary for a platform where not all hardware is created equal. Here's how my Galaxy Note II made out:

Looks like I'm prepared for some Unreal Engine 3 gaming. Woot.


    Hopefully that means that Chair will release actual games for Android at some point.

    Nice - My Nexus 4 averages 55.3fps - now make some games Chair...

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