Everyone’s Going To Play As The Bad Guys In Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer, Aren’t They?

Everyone’s Going To Play As The Bad Guys In Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer, Aren’t They?

Ok, yes: the Marines in Gearbox’s officially sanctioned Aliens shooter have some cool guns. But, honestly, if you’re going to pick up this game, do you really want to play as another sci-fi soldier? No, you’re you not. You’re going to want to impale humans on your deadly tail, slash them to bits and spit acid as a Xeno. There’s a few different classes of Xeno on display in the trailer, including a big, hulking varietal that wasn’t ever in the Aliens movies. Good luck trying to find anyone who’ll play as Marines.


  • I’d play as Marine more than Alien just because you’d be fighting them, which mirrors the feel of the movie(s) a lot more.

  • Now, that’s really depending on your point of view. How do you classify someone as the ‘badguy’. Certainly, from a humans perspective, the xenomorph, that is, the Internecivus raptus are most definitely on the side of the wrong. However, they are a race that has only one method of propagation, and are attempting to merely exist. Its also been a common question just how intelligent the xenomorph are. Indeed, if they are not, in fact, able to be classified as sapient, which is defined in the Oxford dictionary as ‘having great intelligence or knowledge’ and, in the context of science fiction, is often used to ‘draw the line’ as it were, between animal life, and other intelligent races. If they do not actually posses sapience, than they are no more being capable of being the ‘badguy’ than your dog. They are merely attempting to secure their food source in addition to their method of reproduction, both of which consist of just about everything, and you, that is to say, the humans, are not only in those categories, but also in the way of obtaining said resources.

    • That has to be the most contrived, smart ass, bullshit commentary I have ever seen.
      The Aleins in the movie are the Antagonist. Full stop.

        • What jimmy means is, don’t go defending the alien species that wants to propagate down your throat, rip your insides to shreds, and would do the same to any human being standing by your side. You can negotiate while we blast these aliens to pieces.

  • In AVP (the most recent one at least) playing as the Marines was the much more fun experience, because it gave you the horror of being stalked by aliens and predators.
    Not to say running around on ceilings or being overpowered wasn’t fun either.

  • While the graphics do look at least 2-3 years outdated, I think the game will succeed in delivering the fear of being stalked as you run for your life as a Marine across the map. That’s what I certainly felt in AvP multiplayer, although I don’t expect the campaign to deliver the same feeling.

  • The old MVP playing as the aliens gave me serious vertigo and feelings of nausessness after a good hour or two. I’ll be playing as marines most of the time I reckon.

  • played an early beta late last year,
    I liked the marines a lot more,
    you can’t rush as a marine, nor an alien as both feel evenly on par, aliens require the stealth aspect, where as the marines need to be more aware of the surroundings.
    Can’t wait.

  • What ever happened to Last Man Standing mode? This was joyous in AvP2 have a room full of marines knowing that there was only one alien player watching some the shadows waiting to get the first take down and tip the odds in their favour. God help the last marine alive…

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