Final Fantasy Blamed For Brutal Murder

A grisly killing in Munich left a 31-year-old woman dead. She was stabbed 18 times with a katana, and now some members of the German press are pointing the finger at Final Fantasy.

German press, like Munich tabloid TZ, is running photos of the alleged killer, 18-year-old (or 19-year-old, depending on the report) Marco F., "cosplaying as his favourite Final Fantasy character".

The character, however, isn't even from Final Fantasy. Instead, it looks to be Neku Sakuraba from music game The World Ends with You. While that title has combat, one could hardly call the cartoony TWEWY a "violent video game."

Another paper, Abendzeitung, ran what is apparently Marco's Final Fantasy XIV profile. The link is tenuous — even more so because Marco was not a regular FFXIV player. Yes, there's violence in FFXIV — sword violence, even — yet, the violence is not bloody or graphic. It's sanitised.

This coverage proves that, once again, targeting video games is easier than discussing mental illness.

Wo ein Mordverdacht ist, kann doch ein Videospiel nicht weit sein… [IGN Deutschland] Münchner Professor: Marco F. ist ein Ausnahmefall [Abendzeitung] Die wirre Welt des Mörders [TZ — Thanks Captain!]


    The world ends with you is not a music game, it's an RPG. And the storyline is quite dark, despite whatever preconcieved notions you have about it, having obviously never played it.

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      Not dark enough to get influenced by the game to stab someone with katana lol.

        The game is about life and death - the main characters are dead and stuck in a game setup by grim reapers and whoever lasts 7 days gets to live again.

          Gee thanks for spoiling! No need to play the game anymore then! :D

            That's not a spoiler, that's less info than you would get from reading the blurb on the back of the case.

          And this is all happening while the protagonists shop for the latest clothing designs, collect and level up pins, perform fetch quests for the most obscure of items to appease Reapers who mostly just stand around (instead of, y'know, reap), play Tin Pin Slammer, gossip, and explore the bright and exciting areas of Shibuya. I personally love TWEWY (it's one of my favourite games of all time, in fact, and I recommend to anybody who's reading this who hasn't played it to pick up the original DS version), but an occasional dark moment does not make an entire game dark.

          For example, Sonic the Hedgehog died in Sonic '06 (and now that I've spoiled it, nobody ever has to play it again - you're welcome), but this in no way means that this particular game (or the series as a whole) is dark. Although the idea of a creepy guy who looks like Theodore Roosevelt running around a world where he is the sole human, encasing live animals into mechanical death machines, is actually a pretty dark premise when taken out of context.

            Yeah but they use those pins and clothes to FIGHT FOR THEIR LIFE, lol.

        Even though I personally think game violence doesn't affect people as much by far as media would like you to believe, a game that starts with the protagonist saying that 'he doesn't get people, never did, never will' and that everyone should 'get off his face' and pretty much die* (my interpretation from personal experience of someone that has an attitude like that) doesn't help the argument much... in fact I think that the link to this game would fuel more controversy than to any of the propper Final Fantasy games. To be honest I dumped this game after trying it for 15 minutes due in part to the tone of the game.

          I think you may have gotten the wrong idea about Neku from the first 15 minutes of the game, JGalaxy. That particular scene isn't supposed to say that he wishes everybody would leave him alone and 'die', but that he feels like an outcast, which is mirrored by the situation he finds himself in (everybody else in Shibuya not being able to see him or hear him). This actually changes dramatically throughout the game, particularly through his interactions with others in a similar situation, and is one of the biggest draws of the game in my opinion. I'd implore you to give the game another chance, as it really is something truly unique, and definitely lightens up not long after all the tutorials. :-)

    Germany needs more restrictive pin control.

    Wouldn't want the facts to get in the way of a good story....

      I see you've found Fox New's Mission Statement

    er mer gerd, we must put a stop to violent videogames everywhere. shootings due to call of duty, stabbings due to final fantasy, hoon driving caused by gran tourismo. where will it end? I'm pretty sure i saw my little cousin throwing rocks at cats and trying to catch them in small white and red balls the other day.

    oh yeah, one more thing, [email protected]$k the media. get a real job.

    Hmm, remember when murderers used to be the problem, not the things they did?

    Video Games are so mainstream these days it's hard to find people who don't play them. You may as well blame the brand of shoes he wore or the toothpaste he used. Millions of people played those games and where entertained, not inspired to go kill somebody.

    One day I'd like to see a brutal murderer get blamed for a brutal murder.

      Perhaps, if brutal murderers were actually to blame.

      But its obvious to everyone that every criminal who has ever played a videogame has been driven to commit their crimes by the games they play.

    Regular FFXIV player goes on murder spree because the game is down until 2.0 hits?

    Maybe he had played Final Fantasy: All The Brave expecting a good game.

      This is the most likely scenario I've thus far read.

    next thing you know,
    people are sending others to the moon inspired by portal 2
    people shooting birds out of giant slingshots to demolish houses inspired by angry birds
    people murdering with finger guns or by 'bonking' inspired by team fortress 2

    I'd love to see a murder that was 'inspired' by some of the terrible shows that are on freeview

      I know CSI always has good advice on things to consider when planning a murder.

        Quick, write a GUI in Visual Basic to trace his motive!

    It's no secret that violent crime committed by the young have decreased dramatically over the years. It's also no secret that video games have become significantly more popular OVER THE EXACT SAME TIME PERIOD. It's not an opinion, it's a fact: Violent video games make young people less likely to commit crimes.

    Check out this report for proof:

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