Fine Art: Early Far Cry 3 Concept Art Shows Scrapped Ideas

When a game is in its infancy, a lot of ideas get kicked around. Here are some from the very earliest stages of Far Cry 3 development, when the team had settled on a tropical island setting and... little else.

While we can see some areas and ideas that made it into the final game, like the rusting ship hulls, as you can see there's a lot of crazy stuff that didn't make it, like luxury resorts, golf courses, dome towns, old Soviet helicopters and even a run-down fun park.

What's interesting is the change in tone evident; the final game has a very "run with the natives" feel, while this art has more of a "the rich people have cut and run" look. It's almost post-apocalyptic.

The images are all from the talented folks at West Studio, a firm specialising in concept art for the video game and film industries. Outside of Far Cry 3, they've also worked on games like the recent Twisted Metal reboot, Modern Warfare 2 and Medal of Honor.

West Studio [Official Site, via CAW]

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    while it would have been great to fight in such locates, it would have seem like Ubisoft was using ideas from dead Island

    That hotel looks eerily similair to the dead island one...

    I think that with this stuff in there it would have felt too similar to dead rising, at least in setting. They need to bring out a small 3rd island with dinosaurs tho :P

    This has potential to be GOTY DLC if they added all this possibly as a new island.

    The locations look for more interesting than the samey stuff we had but it would of been very hard to have the story they did on an Island that was built for tourism then abandoned.

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