Fine Art: Far Cry 3 Is A Lot Sunnier Than Dark Souls II

Joshua James Shaw works at Blur, those guys responsible for many of the prettiest cinematic trailers and cutscenes you see for games today.

In addition to their trailer work, however, Blur also do "world building", meaning Shaw has a lot of great character design and environmental work to show as well.

Some of the games he's worked on include Far Cry 3, Dark Souls II, Star Wars: Old Republic and Force Unleashed (though there are also images from a personal graphic novel project, Fading Oasis). You can see more of Joshua's work at his personal site and CGHub page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    I like the one with the dude in the longcoat with the flintlocks from?

      When I'm drunk, I combine all my thoughts into a single sentence I like boobs.

        Sentence sense when type I did. Also I was sober so I have no excuse.

    Far Cry 3 would want to be 'sunnier' then Dark Souls II. Both literally and metaphorically.
    I like my dark fantasy RPGs..well, dark. =/

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