Fine Art: I Don’t Remember Diablo III’s Barbarian Looking Like This

Fine Art: I Don’t Remember Diablo III’s Barbarian Looking Like This

Bogdan Gabelko is a 3D artist who has worked for companies like Crytek. You may have seen his work before, like the Cammy piece we featured in 2011. He’s now working at Blizzard. Lucky dog.

You can see more of Bogdan’s work at his CGHub and DeviantArt pages.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


  • Gee, I wonder why girl-gamers and female devs are getting the shits on about their marginalisation, sexist portrayal and misogynist bullshit in the industry when male artists (3D or otherwise) are perpetually portraying women like this ^^

  • Not judging right or wrong. I’m curious what other portrayals would you suggest? Granted the one with Kerrigan is pretty bad.

    • My suggestion? Stop playing the sex angle. If you’re going to sexualise women, do it as liberally to men too. Or, why even go that route at all? Why do women in games need to have 36 EEs that defy gravity? Why can’t I play as a professional female soldier or pilot in ARMA II, or Call of Duty or BF3? The Terran marines were (according to the back stories) were prisoners of all creeds and genders, not just Southern white dudes so why not reflect that? That kind of thing. I’d personally like to play a shooter or soldier sim as a woman with the same non-nonchalance to gender that devs have towards males. Look at something like Freespace 2. Male and female pilots alike and no attention is paid to their genders, just their role in the game.

      I get that they’re marketing to the 14yr old dudebros and up, so I can see why they’re doing it, but now more than ever, we’re seeing huge numbers of female gamers, adults and other types of gamer coming to the fore, who weren’t as prominent 10yrs ago, reflecting the current demographic of gamers. We, the players have fundamentally changed, but the companies’ attitudes haven’t. This, while great art, also reflects this stagnant attitude.

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