Fine, Stick An Xbox 360 Inside You, You Near-Sighted Scrap Pile

If you've got the room (and love for Star Wars) to spare, Major League Mods are selling these custom Xbox 360 consoles that stick one of Microsoft's machines inside a model of R2-D2.

It's not cheap — like, it's $US1300 ($1000 if you provide the Xbox) — but console centrepiece showcases don't come cheap.

For something a little cheaper, may I suggest this NES version, which "only" costs $US500?

Custom Game Consoles & Accessories [Major League Mods, via Reddit]


    R2's big enough you could probably fit a NES in there too.

    For $1000 I would expect a better looking R2. I mean as awesome as the idea is the actual R2 unit looks an incredibly cheap plastic toy is this picture.

    Yep, went and checked out the sites pictures too. Nice Jobs but for the prices they are asking it seems odd that they all look like really nasty plastic toys.

    Site is also really horrible to navigate to the photos you want to view, which is also peculiar. Would be super easy to sort via reference like R2 photos and R5 and so on instead of trolling through all their photos (Which in them selves look like they are shot through a camera phone)

    Last edited 24/01/13 8:49 am

    make my limited edition star wars console look like shit

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