Finished With Flow Free? Graduate To Lost Cubes

A simple little puzzle game involving connecting coloured circles on a grid, Flow Free is a mobile sensation, devouring the free time of Apple, Android and Windows Phone gamers around the world.

When Flow Free's puzzles stop flowing, Pocket PlayLab's Lost Cubes for iOS is ready to pick up where it left off.

Lost Cubes is a Flow Free clone with character, replacing the coloured dots with elemental blocks and tacking on a story about planets falling apart or some such. Instead of lines in simple hues, the blocks are connected with streaks of fire, wind, earth, water and other more creative elements.

The differences are mostly cosmetic. It plays exactly like Flow Free. It might as well be 400 more free levels on top of Flow Free's 750. That's my kind of derivative.

Lost Cubes (free) [iTunes App Store]


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