Firefly-Inspired MMO Appears To Have Fox's Blessing To Go Ahead

An independent studio said on Tuesday it's got "the well wishes of Fox Entertainment Group" to go ahead with FUO, an MMO inspired by Firefly the much loved sci-fi series Fox canceled after just one season a decade ago.

DarkCryo Entertainment, the outfit behind the project, say they'll soon be staging a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game. They had been kicking out news and updates on the project through a Facebook page up until about July, when everything stopped. It seems then the matter got Fox's notice, pulling the plug until now.

Wording on the Facebook page says the game is "inspired" by Firefly and it seems to be going by the FUO name. "A popular alpha launch may re-awaken licensing consideration, in which case we may then include an expansion pack containing derivative content," DarkCryo says. So it sounds like whatever they have planned had to get clear of the show's copyrights and trademarks.

The fund drive for FUO will begin in 16 days.

Firefly Universe Online reactivates with Fox's 'well wishes' [Massively]


    If only this could reawaken consideration to bring the show back, but in all honesty it is too late now to bring it back.

      Yeah Fillion is looking old :(

        Because old ship captains don't make good ship captains?

        Macgyver (whatever his name was in SG1, they had a ship near the end :P )

        It can just pick up a decade later *shrug*

          Richard Dean Anderson, now he's looking old

          but he was never a captain, you might be thinking of Hammond

            Eh. Whichever :)

              actually neither Hammond nor O'Neill (Anderson's character) were ever "captain" Hammond was their General for the first 7/8 seasons, then O'Neill got promoted from Colonel to General and took over for one season. both of them did have occasion to "captain" a ship, but it was never on a regular basis.

                The amount of fucks I give are currently on display...

    I'm... worried about this, in the sense that it doesn't feel like the sort of thing that Fox would do. (Not that they're particularly evil, or anything, just that this doesn't seem like the sort of "protect your IP" behaviour that their lawyers would insist on.) I suppose if they're being very careful about the "inspired by", then there's not a lot Fox can do, but if I were DarkCryo I'd be very careful to get something in writing.

    I'm worried about their use of Kickstarter too, for two reasons. First, if it turns out that there's been a miscommunication, and Fox have major problems with it, but it's already been funded, does everyone lose their money? And also: I don't know anything about DarkCryo, but an MMO is a Big Deal in terms of building a game - do they have any sort of experience in it? Seems like exactly the sort of project that runs over budget.

      "Not that they're particularly evil"

      No, they are.

        They cancelled Firefly. They're evil.

          That's only one of the many, many, many, many, many, many reasons.

    Michaels right, though I'd love to see an MMO set in this Universe there's no way in hell I'd throw Kickstarter money at this project. If DarkCryo succeed at making an MMO, it's going to take a lot of approvals (and probably a fair chunk of profit) from FOX to actually get it released. Great Idea... Meh execution.

    @michael - Do remember though Fox DID let George Lucas retain the merch rights to Starwars - they do tend to screw up from time to time hehe ;) - But yeah it will be interesting to see where this goes.

      Fox didn't LET Lucas keep the rights, Lucas never SOLD them the rights, Lucas was very shrewd with his dealing and always has been... hence being able to film offshore with non union labor etc. Starwars are technically (1 - 6 anyhow) the biggest budget indie movies ever ;)

        Other opinions aside, Lucas is a spectacularly shrewd businessman. Even if Star Wars had never happened, I suspect he would have wound up with some other equally successful empire.

    So there's an update to this story...

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