Footballer Makes Million-Dollar Move After Playing Video Game With New Boss

Queens Park Rangers offered a club-record sum to acquire Loïc Rémy, the French international footballer, from Marseille, but to hear the striker tell of it, the money wasn't the deciding factor, it was a video game.

Specifically, EA Sports' FIFA. After a four-hour talk with QPR chairman Tony Fernandes, the two played some FIFA. Console preference was not specified.

"We just played a game of FIFA — it was good and showed to me what a good person Tony is," Rémy told QPR's official web site. "He showed his human side to me as an owner of the club I wanted to join. It was a special moment for us both."

In the gaming session, Rémy, with Bayern Munich, blanked Fernandes's Argentina national squad 6-nil. In a rematch of both sides, Fernandes fought back to a 4-4 draw in full time, ultimately losing on penalties.

QPR's CEO said, somewhat tongue in cheek, "Tony told me he let him win!" Whatever the case, the real winners are QPR.

QPR is no stranger to FIFA; manager Harry Redknapp cameoed throughout this excellent trailer for FIFA 13's launch.



    I lol'd.

    Enjoy the championship (or whatever the Second League in UK is called) for joining a teaming that's going to relegated in a matter of matches.

    Why not come honest and say its for the money?

    Last edited 18/01/13 11:07 pm

      Most definitely for the money.
      Apparently QPR were offering roughly twice the weekly wage that NUFC were going to give him.

        Come now, the Toon's form isn't that great right now as well, and they just sold their ONLY goalscorer to Chelsea. If I had to choose between two losing teams, I'd choose the one willing to pay me more too! Plus if you believe the reports, there's an extremely smooth passage for him OUT of the Championship if QPR get relegated, I don't see any reason to complain.
        There are high horses and then there are high horses.

    There will have been a relegation clause in his contract. If QPR stays up he is able to maintain earning his mega wage, if they go down he can go to a bigger club, without QPR being burdened by debt.

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