For One Weekend, A Real Street Was Turned Into An 8-Bit Landscape

To promote the release of Wreck-It-Ralph in the UK (for some reason, it's out later in some markets), between January 11-13 a lane in London was transformed into an 8-bit landscape by an artist and team of workers.

The installation was done by Aden Hynes Sculpture Studios, and included a car, letterbox, animals, Tetris pieces, trees and...8-bit dog poop.

#8bitlane [Twitter, via XombieDirge]


    Oh look, a Reddit repost

      Oh look, no one cares.

      I don't use Reddit, as I'm sure many others don't. So I'm glad they get reposted on here.


    I've personally felt that as gaming becomes more advanced, that I love the look of the retro games of old. There's a simplicity in it which is... charming.

      I find that it's not the simplicity of 8-bit games, but the meticulously detailed and purposeful design of 16bit games which appeals to me. This makes a whole heap of sense, given that I grew up with SNES :P

      See: Radio the Universe (a Kickstarter game) for a modern take on how that style can look. Can't by any stretch call it simple, but it still have that precise feeling that the old games give off.

    for some reason, it’s out later in some markets
    Yes Luke, there are other countries other than the USA who do get their movies either earlier or later than the USA. Welcome back.

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