Forget Power, Wii U Is Next-Gen Because It's Innovative

The debate over the Wii U's "next-generation" status rages on. The latest combatant is Yosuke Hayashi, head of Team Ninja — the Tecmo studio responsible for the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series, among others.

While the console is technically "next-generation" — it did come after the Wii — Hayashi was still compelled to share his thoughts about it in an upcoming interview with Edge. Hayashi was responding to previous quotes by an executive at 4A, the people behind Metro: Last Light. Last year, 4A CTO Oleg Shishkovstov called the Wii U's processor "horrible" and "slow", justifying their decision not to release Metro on Nintendo's new console.

"If you're basing this on Wii U being a new idea that challenges existing platforms, then it definitely is next generation. It is a console video game platform that is now independent of the TV. Nobody has done that before," Hayashi told Edge. "Players want new innovation that includes the environment in which you play and services you use, rather than just raw processor spec... Nintendo is at the forefront of that innovation. I'm looking forward to seeing what the other platforms come up with in the future."

Considering the extra-power we've seen devs wring out of the 360 and PS3 over the years, Hayashi isn't baseless in defending a console he likens to "an infant that's just been born." C'mon guys. At least wait until it's a tween.

Team Ninja boss defends Wii U CPU, insists console is "definitely next generation" [Edge via GoNintendo]


    The Asynchronous play of the Wii U is more exciting and interesting than shinier better graphics. The next Halo game will look better than Halo 4, hopefully region select will make it more playable.

    My tablet controller has glitchy lag , noticed when playing Mario just using control 2 metres away from Wii u.

      it must be broken, you better get it replaced.

      Yeah definitely seems faulty. I've never heard of that problem, i can play mine easy from 6m away with no glitching. Unless you're just trolling of course, get it replaced.

      They call it... innovation.

      Yeah you definitely have a problem with your gamepad as I can play flawlessy in every inch and room of my apartment, with doors closed and everything and still have perfect low latency play..

    I thought it was next-gen because it's actually the next generation which it is.

      Pretty much this. We eventually accepted the Wii as a console in the same generation as the 360 and PS3 even though it was outstripped in a pure numbers game. I own a Wii U and I believe it is a fantastic console with loads of current functionality and a boat load of potential and while I am pretty certain that the new playstation and new xbox will have a bigger engine under the hood, that is basically all people people will care about because it is what they have been told they should care about. Isn't there some sort of euphemistic saying about the size of ones boat being less important than the motion of the ocean?

        I know right. It's the next generation because that's what the next generation means: the one that comes after the previous in the same lineage.

        Seriously there should be no arguing as I'm seeing with the other posters.

        How much more powerful are the new Xbox and Sony going to be really? Are they going to be 5x,10x, and at what cost. The thing is if you jam raw power of upto mid to high end gaming PC's into a smaller box, heat is going to kill it. It did with the first model 360, that cost Microsoft a bucket of cash. As for the PS3 is seldom uses it full power (which is not much better then the 360, and what the Wii U is at) and its was spose to be this 12 year gaming masterpiece. Now at 5 years is due to replacement next year.

        Now I own a PS3 and love it. But I don't just want raw power just to play the same type of games the same way with similar hardware. This is where Nintendo shines, always something new.

    Is it really innovative? Yeah there is a second screen but how many games will use it to make it a better experience than the xbox or ps3 version of the game? I'm guessing it will be used as a map or inventory screen for a majority of games.

    Once the next xbox and ps3 are released will the wii u bottleneck multiplatform games or will there be a lesser/shovelware version like the wii? Yeah it's early days but it's the first console I've had no intention of buying or playing.

      How many games used the DS's second screen for interesting game experiences? I imagine the breakdown will be pretty similar between the consoles.

      Luigi's Mansion on the Nintendo Land glorified concept disc shows a good example. The Rayman game on it is also great in it's use.

      What Special Features of the PS3 does the latest COD use over the X-Box 360 version? None it's a port game. Port games are based on the lowest common denominator, for example two sticks, 4 buttons 4 triggers.

      Only Original Wii U titles will make good use of the Wii U, ports will be the same across the board. To be fair we're still waiting for the original stuff to come through, we need to see how much of that there is.

    Once again. First-party and exclusive, original games designed around the GamePad have serious potential. I don't want another PS4 or X720 in my Nintendo console, I want cool stuff which pushes conventional boundaries, regardless of what it looks like. I couldn't see what the big deal was with the DS at first, either.

    Wikipedia says it's the start of the next generation of consoles, so it must be true!

    The whole next generation is looking much more interesting than the current one. Our only current contender is the WiiU, and we know there's a new Xbox and Playstation around the corner somewhere. But with Valve entering the game with their linux box, the emergence of alternate android consoles such as Ouya, Gamestick and now the Nvidia Shield, I've gotta say I'm looking forward to the games being produced.

    did you know that the steering wheel was innovated upon once, they replaced it with a joystick

    The only reason people don't think the Wii U is not next generation is because those developers only look at the CPU and GPU as what they are. They don't realise the GPU is in fact a GPGPU, meaning, it can do normal CPU processes without need of the CPU. If more developers actually saw how the GPGPU works and not rely so much on the CPU for those general processes, you will notice the difference.

    It's innovative because it embraces shitty graphics?

      Its innovative because it doesn't follow the normal convention of giving the same old 2 to 4 controllers with joysticks and a pad. That give ur thumbs a good workout.
      Give em a brake, complain about them not having raw computing power, but the momemt no innovation goes into games, people will complain that its all the same old boring stuff where is the new stuff. Like touchscreen motion controller.
      Its not like sony playstation or xbox take any risk in that department, they just copy and try to enhance what is successful

      You should really read the comment above you. And btw ... my current port games (initial games look worst alwaysat first by the way so this is as bad as any triple A game should look on the system) from the other too do look better on the Wii U than the other consoles.

      I should also add that clock speed is not real speed. It has a "slower" gHz speed, but a much higher transfer rate and I guarantee you that is much more important. I can also guarantee you that it has more than double the RAM and a much much better GPU. soooooooooooo.....

      It's on par with the PS3 and X-Box how is that shitty, oh wait sorry forgot Nintendo hate.

      Innovation is with the new game pad or did you forget both the Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect were introduced to do what the Wii did.

      I wouldn't be surprised if both Sony and MS launch their next machines with a implementation of Nintendos idea.

        Yeah, how is it being as powerful as something from 2005 shitty?

          Wait your judging its power based on quick ps360 ports at the start of its lifecycle as the limits of the consoles graphics? Did you judge the ps3 or 360s launch graphics as the best it will ever do?

        I've seen original wii games run at higher res on dolphin than on the wii u.
        Haven't seen anything innovative yet with wii u, original wii was something different, I'll admit that.
        Wii u has a controller with a screen? yeah dreamcast had something similar, maybe not to the standard but it featured mini games and worked together with the game on the big screen.
        I even think in RE code veronica, you could look at your inventory on the Dreamcast controller.
        So how's Nintendo braking new ground? so far.
        Ps3 now has games working together with vita, and will have more coming out this year, tearaway seems pretty innovative.
        Wonderbook is pretty innovative I would say, not that it's my thing but that's something new.
        I really wanted to get a Wii u, they have great ip, mario.. I don't need to list them, but there's so many multi platform games that will come out that wont run on the wii u in the future.
        I've always had nintendo consoles, I don't hate nintendo.. I'm just annoyed they didn't push the tech, I'm sure they save a lot of money buying bulk out of date processors.
        I don't buy the innovation excuse, not yet anyway... I haven't seen anything yet I'd consider innovative.

        I wouldn't be surprised if both Sony and MS launch their next machines with a implementation of Nintendos idea.

        Me too, can't wait for that.

    The Wii U is like playing games on my 5 year old computer, but being able to stream the game to my iPad. It's a neat feature, but not one I'd use very often.

    I suggest we call the Nintendo Wii U as - "the Nintendo Pee Poo"
    On a serious note, there seem to be 2 sides here:
    1) I want innovation
    2) I want some innovation, but a lot more of the same in HD/better immersion, execution/better story

    I can see merit in both and I can also counter each, here goes:

    1) PRO - I am very tired of playing the same platform hopping Mario games, same Mario Kart games. I am also tired of the same again shooters, sports, puzzle, racing games etc. So give me NEW!
    CON - I am a long time gamer now in my 20's, 30's and over. I no longer care / have time to learn new motion controls or new button schemes (what's wrong with A, B Nintendo?). I find these gimmicky.
    - I don't care to play a console game on a portable controller, because I have 1 - 3 dedicated portable consoles/phones/tablets already. They do a far better job.

    2) PRO - we are robots, we do the same things every day of our lives, with different people as we get older - this is a fact. This is why same again games/music/TV/movies - but presented better with turbo charged tech is still exciting to vast majority of us. Plus, any new gamer will find gaming exciting. It's older / experienced gamers who are a bit sick of the same old.
    - I don't know about you, but fresh and more powerful hardware makes me horny (in a geeky way..). I find it excites me as a starting point, but from there I discover some wonderful story telling, brilliant audio visuals and tight controls etc, with the occasional gems/innovative titles.

    CON - The magic of gaming becomes less as we play more - after all, game genres we've played for years and decades do need freshening up to stay relevant and exciting. Innovation (some?) is required.

      You don't make a lot of sense with this post. you start it with that you're sick of all genres. For 90% of it you argue that you don't want to learn new things, you only want more of the same, but prettier and faster. But you end it saying that we need innovation?

      I don't think you know what you want.

      I know what I want. Fun games. I have mario and it's fun. I have just dance 4 and it's fun. If they keep making fun games, I will buy them.

      For awesome FPSing, I have my PC. I don't know why one would want to use a console for that.

        I think my 2nd paragraph is to blame.. hmm, should have re-worded that.
        I was generalising when I wrote "I" - it was not strictly me, but a collection of thoughts from me, and gamer friends I speak with.
        I've heard from a fair few gaming friends who are a bit tired of side scrolling Mario, but love the 3D Mario.
        Anyway, I tried to put a pro and con thought for lot of new innovation (Wii, Wii U, 3DS) vs minimal innovation, but steady improvement in key immersion areas of story telling (methods as well), audio & visuals etc.

    Thank God. We need more people saying these things. While Sony and Microsoft rage in their fight to get one polygon more, one spec number ahead, Nintendo just shrugs and keeps being focused in entertainment. Do people really need that third of a frame-per-second faster rendering and slightly sharper skin pores to have fun?

    Man, how miserable we were when we only had 8-bit pixel graphics, right? Wait, no! It was a blast, as all really fun games are regardless of the presence or lack of voice acting and screen resolution. And what does all that added power and graphics actually serve for? For another murky CoD, now with yet another shade or brown! Final Fantasy XVVIIIMXXVLL now with twice as many individual hair strands! And so on.

    Give me innovation and good games instead of power any time.

    Wrong. People have been coming up with incredible ideas for decades. The WiiU is weak, you cannot dare justify that.

    I've said 100 times and I'll say again.

    I'm getting Nintendo games in HD, and they removed friend codes. I'm happy for now.

    Baby steps guys, baby steps.

    Oh! Yeah. You wanna buy mine? To be honest I regret buying a Wii U. Interface toooooo slooooow!
    Their entire lineup consists of virtually nothing that even attempts to push the industry forward, while lacking most prevalent gaming innovations of the last generation. I doubt Nintendo can fix these issues while competing with the current and future competition. Common Nintendo!

    Last edited 09/01/13 2:32 pm

      Uh, so if the kind of asymetrical multiplayer done with Rayman or Nintendoland, and the capability to stream gameplay to the controller while the TV is being used for other stuff are not industry-advancing, what it is then? Maybe a machine that instead 6 cell cores has 12? And as such can recreate another million shades of brown for yet another generic FPS? Because that's the only thing that MS and Sony ever do for the industry: increasing specs. Oh and openly laughing at what Nintendo do, just to poorly and shamelessly ape it a couple years later when they notice that it worked wonders for Nintendo.

      ... you obviously haven't played ZombiU.

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