Gabe Newell Has A Fascinating Theory About Doctor Who

Warning: spoilers ahead! Nerdist's recently released two-part podcast deals for the most part with Gabe Newell and his company Valve. As a Doctor Who fan, I found one bit particularly interesting.

At the beginning of part two, Gabe shares that he's also a Doctor Who fan and that he's got a theory about the Doctor's newly introduced sort-of companion, Oswin (part two of the podcast, 05:22 in):

I have a theory about Oswin. So... how do they bring Oswin back? So she keeps saying "Remember me, remember me"... and he's taken his watch off, so the nanophages are working on him. So that's what she's doing... she's actually inserting herself into the nanophages, so she can be brought back later.

While that sounds fascinating, I'm actually not sure what's going on here. Is Gabe talking about Asylum of the Daleks, or The Snowmen? What are the "nanophages" he's referring to? Who's taken his watch off and why? It doesn't help that it's been a long while since I've seen Asylum, either — nor that the other people in the podcast seemed to instantly get what he was saying.

So Kotaku, what do you think? Can you decipher Gabe's theory? Make sure to share any Doctor Who theories you might have below — and don't forget to listen to the podcasts themselves! There's some rather juicy bits about both Gabe and Valve Software in there.

Gabe Newell Part 1: Valve — The Games [Nerdist] Gabe Newell Part 2: Valve - The Company [Nerdist]

Comments does he know if it is fascinating if he doesn't understand anything about what he said?

    ... He's referring to the Asylum of the Daleks, the "watch" is the wristband that the doctor took off and gave to Amy to stop her from Zombie Dalekifying, the nanophages are the defense system that turns you into the Zombie Daleks.

    His theory relies on the fact that The Doctor would be at all vulnerable to the nanocloud, which seems like a stretch.

    Knowing Moffat, the real answer will be "SOMETHING SOMETHING TIME LOOP, TARDIS!"

      Maybe its just me, but I always felt Moffat was one of the people responsible for the quality Doctor Who episodes, and Davies was the one making the awful "oh we're in some historical period and historical figure X is going to be hip and help us stop alien invasion Y" episodes.

        Moffatt is a good writer - bad showrunner. RTD was a bad writer - good showrunner.

        Yeah - Moffatt wrote the best episodes under Davies, no question, But as the show runner, he's made the show unwatchable, and I say that as someone who has been watching Doctor Who since the eighties.

          You're nuts. Moffatt saved the Dr. Who series from Davies. It's as good as it has ever been.

            No. Compare early pertwee or Tom baker to now. E.g. Inferno or genesis of the daleks or even something from Hartnell like The Romans or the Aztecs - that was when Dr who was at its height.

    It is either a plan by the great intelligence or its prisoner zero. Either way Moffatt will give us another season of dues ex machina. PLEASE give us the eleven doctors. PLEASE.

    Hey Gabe ...

    Instead of fantasizing about Doctor Who how bout you go work on Half Life 3

    I don't think it's the nanophages. The Doctor only knew her voice when he first met her, so how could he reconstruct the entirety of her, especially since Oswin never gave any indication of knowing who The Doctor was and thus wouldn't have known he would meet her again? It's more likely something that's going to happen in a later episode that has this whole cyclical, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey effect.

    We already know that the Grand Intelligence is a mirror for the mind, and with the Doctor having memories of Clara/Oswin, it could be entirely possible that she is a successful reproduction of a human by the GI based off the Doctor's future memories. It kind of feels like the whole Flesh thing again.

    Of course, given that there has been an element of Quantum Mechanics lately (ie. The discussion of observing an event beforehand makes it a fixed fact), I'm wondering if this is some sort of Quantum Entanglement style thing, especially since Clara's dying words were exactly the same as Oswin's.

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