Gaming Industry Had A 'Productive And Candid' Chat With Joe Biden

What did the Vice President of the United States and the leaders of the video game industry talk about today at the White House during today's meeting by the VP's Sandy Hook task force?

Considering that representatives from any of the game publishers who attended either don't respond to requests for comment about this or ask that the Entertainment Software Association — the gaming industry's lobbying group — speak for them, let's hear it from the ESA. Their chief, Michael Gallagher, was one of the gaming bigwigs at the meeting, which is one of many this week helmed by Biden and purportedly set up to figure out how to not have wretched events like the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre happen again. Violent video games have been, however, loosely blamed as a contributor to real violence.

So, how'd it go meeting with Biden, ESA?

Washington, DC — January 11, 2013 — "The video game industry had a productive and candid conversation with Vice President Biden and his Gun Violence Commission today. We thank the President and Vice President for their leadership, and including in their discussions a diverse array of stakeholders and perspectives. We look forward to working with the Vice President on meaningful solutions to the issue of gun violence.

"We expressed in the meeting that the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed that the independent, scientific research conducted to date has found no causal connection between video games and real-life violence. We also recognised that gun violence is a serious problem in our country. We are saddened by the recent tragic events, and as an industry integral to the social and cultural fabric of America, we look forward to continuing our engagement with government officials and policymakers focused on meaningful solutions."

We'd asked what the ESA thinks will come out of this. Who knows. Biden, who also met with the National Rifle Association, law enforcement personnel and other experts this week, will present his findings and recommendations to US President Barack Obama on Tuesday.


    love how people continue to insist violent video-games contribute to acts of real-life violence, when there is no studies to suggest that. Isn't it obvious what the real problem is? You seriously do not need 3 guns, one of which a high powered rifle, for your own 'personal protection'. Tougher laws and restrictions are needed.

      Better diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is what is needed also.

        that as well, but none of the recent shooters (going all the way to 1988 with hoddle street) have actually been mentally ill in that they had no idea what they were doing.

        The newtown shooter apprently had asperberger, but that doesnt make you go and kill people. aurora was cunt acting exactly like the joker. even martin bryant was never actually diagnosed as been mentally ill, in fact he was just a fucking conspiricy believer

      Personally I bame the rap music/comics/rock and roll/television/moving pictures!


        In my days we were productive and worked on dem fields!

        How 1990, 1980, 1970 and 1960 of you! We all know video games are, and always will be, the cause of violence. (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚

          Exactly! This is just like when Might Morphin' Power Rangers came out and encouraged children to morph.

    If video games effected people on such a large scale I would be a Civil Engineer with the amount of time I spent playing SimCity when I was younger.....

    I hope they really start to look into actual gun control, not just blaming video games. Do they think if they remove in-game guns that real life guns will just stop being a problem?
    Whats the thinking behind blaming video games, actually do something about the issue. Proper evaluation of people buying guns, restriction on the types of firearms the general public can own and I think they really need to teach the teachers and parents how to spot a troubled child and be proactive instead of reactive.

      Actually you'd probably become a Town Planner.

    Hopefully this will actually lead to stronger background checks and a harder look at the gun owners themselves, like that nut who runs a firearms training facility says that if stronger gun laws are passed he will go on a shooting spree himself on a video on youtube and facebook. link to story if interested

    There is no need for anyone to own an automatic assault rifle... They are designed to kill people and should only be produced for military and law enforcement use.

    Also, I've noticed there seems to be an argument arising on the "amount" of firearms people own.... Irrelevant. I own 3 firearms, all have different hunting uses. The problem is the types of weapons you can legally in the USA.

    Honestly though, I was shocked at how easy it was to obtain a firearms license in Australia.

    It was actually a typo (or whatever the pen/paper equivalent is). The right to bear arms was supposed to be the right to bare arms, and referenced mans right to wear short-sleeved shirts and singlets.

    In all seriousness though.
    Quantity is irrelevant, find me a person who can shoot a shotgun, assault rifle and pair of pistols at the same time and I will show you someone with 6 arms and a cloak of invisibility because getting into a situation to kill people with that many firearms makes you a beacon to all.

    If you insist on carrying guns in public, limit it to a single hand gun. If you must own anything with more power then you must also own a farm/ranch. If you insist on hunting, limit to bolt action rifle, with permit, only on your property. Assault rifles of any kind criminalized to all but active, deployed military and special law enforcement teams, not your run of the mill officer.

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