Get A First Glimpse Of Gameplay In That The Walking Dead FPS

News of an Activision-published Walking Dead FPS first shambled out over the summer, but all we've had so far is a few screenshots and art pieces to set the mood. This trailer give a first look at the gameplay in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which is being developed by Terminal Reality.

Seems like some stealth and redirection tactics are going to be necessary amongst all the melee and shooting. What do you think, TWD fans? Does this clip make you want to play as one of the show's more controversial characters?


    Looks like another DayZ type game maybe. Graphics do look good though but it's not showing much.

    The environments look ok but why do the zombies have shiny plastic looking hair?

      I was wondering that. I thought The Walking Dead was supposed to be about a world where the dead have risen. This looks more like the department store mannequins have risen.

      The way he kind of slides down that ladder looks like it's straight out of the 1990's, too - "Look, Ma! No hands!"

      I knew the way Pantene shampoo made peoples hair unnaturally shiny had to have negative side affects.

        Turning into a mindless, flesh-eating monstrosity won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

          * heppen. It's spelled heppen. ;P

            Yeah, I know, I know. But dignity / self-respect prevented me from typing with a New Zealand accent :P

    Screen tearing in your debut trailer is unacceptable. The graphics look pretty underwhelming, I wouldn't say shit but they're definitly very lackluster. The music was alright, but the lack of sound effects is kind of disappointing.

    Time to see if our new R18 rating means anything or if this will still get grief for depicting things like stabbing zombies in the back of the head etc.

    Don't want to sound like a jerk based on a single debut trailer, but this does not excite me at all. At all.

    Edit: also, neither the article nor its predecessor mention who you are actually controlling. It's Merle and Daryl Dixon apparently.

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      Daryl for the main character and merle supposedly in co-op. supposedly.

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        I like how you rendered Shane's carefully-implemented spoiler tags worthless there ;)

          It's not a spoiler when the actual game is ABOUT The Dixon brothers dude. A spoiler is giving away a plot point. All activisions press releases have relied on it being about daryl so far. Useless spoiler tag is useless.
          there's also zombies in it!

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            Yeah, but after he went to the trouble of putting them in there and everything...

    Been with TWD since issue 1. Loved it to death but damn that's not impressive... Art style sucks, zombies look plastic and the motion doesn't look right? Hoping that's just a really really really work in progress video. It's got promise but so far it's looking disappointing,

      AMC at the end suggests it's based on the TV series more than the comics.
      Which only makes the motion even sadder. Pretty sure season 1 special features showed they had a zombie school for the undead actors, hopefully the animators attend it before the game's released.
      And that Playmobil hair was really strange. Hopefully everything's just placeholders at this stage.

        It is based on the TV series.

          That's what you guys took from that? I know it is, it's on the Dixon brothers. Daryls the best character developed for the show and even outdoes most comic ones too. I stand by what I said, it looks shittacular, if it came out in 05 maybe it would be stunning, but as it stands now? Nope.

    Looks crap to be honest.

    Wanna play the Walking Dead videogame? Play ZombiU

      Or just play The Walking Dead videogame. You know, the good one. By Telltale.

    I've been hoping/waiting patiently for a zombie game that isn't a corridor shooter for as long as I can remember. DayZ is the closest thing to a life like zombie survival style game i've seen, but even that is more about the social aspect of meeting other players and interacting with them, not so much interacting with the zombies.

    I would like to see an open world that is infested with zombies, where the main challenge is to stay alive, but with more focus on dealing with the zombie hordes as opposed to other players. It could use gameplay elements such as using misdirection, creating diversions (to get into areas/buildings for supplies, or to escape somewhere), luring zombies into traps, fortifying positions (creating and maintaining barricades etc). Instead of just random groups of enemies you could have packs of zombies roaming around, that you would have to avoid (as we all know it's impossible to fight off a large horde of zombies) in order to survive/progress. You could lead them through the city into traps, through buildings that you could then barricade closed (and then escape of via roof or fire escape etc) or just out run them into the bushland. There could be a snowball type effect where the more noise you make/the more zombies are around, the more it attracts, so making a small noise could potentially draw a massive horde of zombies, if you make it worse by letting off firearms and grenades.

    I have so many ideas, if only I was super rich and could bankroll my own development studio...

      The main problem you have is this idealistic view that people would help each other, they simply won't. Minor amounts might but when survival is on the table the 'it's you or I' mentality comes into play. I agree with you but people do miss the point about zombie games that the true threat is HUMANS. In dayz I can deal with zombies even when I have no weapons, but people scare the shit out of me. Zombies are a force of nature, they're honest, they just want to eat you, humans lie, steal, murder, coerce... In a zombie apocalypse, living people are suddenly the true monsters to each other.

        Yea you're totally right, the zombies are the ever present threat that creates the situation in which the true personalities of the humans under siege (not steven seagal, he's cool as ice) come out. In zombie movies it's usually someone in the group that ends up screwing up everything for whatever reason.

        The scenario i'm suggesting wouldn't even need multiplayer, it could work just as well without. It would be more about problem solving. In a way it would probably be similar to most stealth based games such as MGS where you need to get to X but there's some guards hanging around so i'll tap on wall here or throw a rock there to get them to break out of their patrol so i can sneak in/out. What i'm thinking of is more like that but on a grander scale, instead of 2 or 3 guards, you'd have to contend with 100s of zombies, with the possibility that the crowd could grow as your actions attract more attention bringing zombies from all around. Sure you could bust into a building guns blazing (although ammo would be scarce) and get in and out before the shambling corpses have time to gang up, but there's always the possibility you could run into a dead end and be zombie food. OR you could play it stealth and create diversions to lure zombies away from where they are loitering to be able to better explore the building/area and get everything you possibly can.

        Of course this would definitely work great with multiplayer, teaming up to create a diversion on one side of the city so that a heavily infested area would thin out as all the zombies are drawn away. But like you said, people are the true monsters, so while you might be creating a diversion for your friends to loot an area so that they can then come pick you up, you might end up waiting... and waiting... and waiting... all the while desperately trying to patch up your barricaded door while the horde builds up behind it.

          Honestly, what you describe doesn't sound too different from Dead Rising, but with a handful of extra features.

            yea that's kind of what i'm thinking, except the zombies would be much more of a threat and wouldn't just stand around, they would swarm you, they also wouldn't be spread around evenly, more like packs with a few stragglers here and there.

            I guess it would be more of a survival sim akin to DayZ rather than arcade slash em up like Dead Rising, but with the good bits from both.

      Look up The Dead Linger. It's a successful Kickstarter project that's currently in development with several alpha releases available to play if you preorder, and it has (or will have) most of what you're looking for.

        Awesome, will do!

        Update: Checked it out and it definitely looks promising, they seem to be rolling on with the development pretty well so hopefully it turns out awesome.

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    While the gameplay is limited, Telltale's Walking Dead is an amazing and emotinally impacting experience! If you like Walking Dead even slightly, you must play it. Dw about this crap from Activision!

    Honestly, that looks like a test of concept video made by a modder online, and not very talented one.

    Environments bah.. no atmosphere. It's kind of that clean COD map look, like Nuke Town. The animations are also way below what you'd expect in a release title.

    Disappointing. The problem with such adaptations is the lack of money, time and talent put in. I'm sure it's probably a case of them giving the developers no money, assuming the draw will be The Walking Dead, not the concept. Ignoring the fact there's a million other zombie games out there.

    Oh man, this looks terrible. The zombies aren't scary, the tense moment when a zombie first sees you is completely missing, the lack of hands on ladders is weird after seeing your hands holding the axe... I'm not hopeful.

    Sure this isn't a leaked concept demo?

    TBH the A.I. looks horrible, get it! Zombies with intelligence muahhahhahah

    This really is underwhelming, i dont know if its because of the lack of atmosphere or the fact everyones wearing lego hair

    2004-era graphics, mediocre plodding gameplay and a screen-tearing, framerate-dipping trailer doesn't make for a good first impression.

    Looks like the "War Z" equivalent of Left 4 Dead

    They've completely missed the point. The reason TWD was game of the year for many people is because it's finally a game where the story and characters are good. It stuns me that people can miss such obvious things.

    Looks ok, I would buy it if it wasn't AAA priced. Hopefully it's not just another crappy cash grab like another Z game I could name.

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