Get A Good Look At Killer Is Dead, The New Game From Killer7's Creator


    Good article Bashcraft. Insightful commentary. 10/10 would read again.

      What would you have liked him to say? He's presenting a gallery of pictures. You can make up your own mind about the content of them.

      Also, this game looks amazing. Never played any Killer7 games, but their art style's always awesome

        I thought there was only one Killer7?

        Anything. Really just about anything. As long as it's slightly more substantial than "Here are some pics. They look great."

        I know they look great. I have eyes. I'm also buying this game because it's fricken Suda51, as should anyone who doesn't hate video games. There's a bunch of info on the famitsu page linked that wasn't in the article kotaku posted yesterday.

        Some commentary to accompany the pictures would have been appropriate, which is also a feature the famitsu article had. In this case Bashcraft seems to have simply dumped the pictures into a new article, hit publish, and gone to lunch.

        So yeah. Just about anything.

          I think he covered all the details that are available in the article published yesterday, which he links to in this one.

            Still, would it be so hard to say? I like this because of " "

            Isn't it cool that this game looks sort of like " "

            From the art we can guess the gameplay would be kind of a " "

            Here is some other relevant news about the developers: " "

            I mean, I'm no professional journalist, just spitballing here.

    Wow my eyes almost can't process those graphics - what style!

    I have no idea what is going on in these shots, and I bloody love it.

    They sure knows how to make girls look good!!

    My only issue with Suda's games is that the story (and the story-telling) tends to be a complete mess by the end of it. Don't get me wrong, I usually love they style, the gameplay, and the humor, but his games (No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned, etc) just tend to fall a bit flat by the end and you're left wondering "what the eff did i just watch". And not even in the good way.

      I thought Shadows of the Damned had a pretty good ending, where you realise Garcia he doesn't love Paula in spite of the fact she's a demon magnet, but because demons keep coming after her and it means he gets to keep killing them.

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        Really?....I must have missed that one. Maybe it just all went over my head :/

          Well, Garcia's final speech in the end cutscene isn't exactly subtle.

          "Fate has led me to fall in love with the Lord of the Underworld's mistress. His horde of minions will never stop coming to claim her. But I have sworn to strike them down, each and every one, until she is mine alone. I will take on the whole world if I must slay every creature in my path, because I still see love in her eyes. And because I love... killing fucking demons."

    Shameful admission: Never played a Suda51 game.

    But I will most likely be starting with this one.
    That art style looks amazing.

    Edit: spelling

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      No More Heroes 1/2 (2 is the better game) gogogo!

        I'll look into it. Though, I'll be honest, I can never get around to putting much time into Wii games.

          If you like bad 80s horror movies and dick jokes, then Shadows of the Damned is the game for you.

        You are honestly the only person I have ever heard say that. Everyone else seems to say that 2 is the worse one.

        I can't speak for myself though, it's still sitting on my shelf (courtesy of Kotaku =D) yet to be played >_>

          Really? I haven't heard much opinions but I just felt the combat in 2 was really fun (dual beam katanas!), it also got rid of the absolutely terrible town and instead of wasting time travelling between points I could just instantly go there from a menu and I found the jobs/mini-games to be better too as they had that retro style.

          I guess the story/characters/bosses weren't as good but the actual gameplay side was a lot better. I'm not sure who said 2 was worse but they're wrong :P!

    Dan Smith! Is that YOu?!

    Guy with black suit in the pictures looks like Sumio Mondo from Flower, Sun, & Rain (another Suda game), only cooler!

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