Get A Good Look At Nvidia's New Gaming Handheld

PC hardware company Nvidia dropped quite the CES bombshell tonight, revealing a quirky new gaming handheld that doubles as an Android device as well as a means of streaming your PC games to a portable 720p display.

To go with the information from Project Shield's announcement, here's a gallery of images giving you a good look at the device.


    They need to court third party developrs and get aaa grade grames to android faster if all these new android consoles are to succeed. Ios is still getting more games at least a few months earlier, and a lot of gamers dont like waiting

    The design is pretty smart. I'm happy with the placement of everything, and the sticks look pretty good. The only concern I have is with the D-Pad, it looks a little cheap and a little out of reach. The UI is pretty nice.

    I'd buy one. I wonder what the dimensions are though, looks a little big to fit in my pocket.

      Take a look:

      It's not too much larger than a Xbox 360 controller.

    Well hopefully they go back to the drawing board on the design because man that is one ugly bit of tech.

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