Get A Load Of King's Landing Recreated In Minecraft

We've seen some amazing Game of Thrones stuff from the people at Westeroscraft in the past, but these latest shots of King's Landing just may take the cake.

Check 'em out:

Good lord. You can practically smell the place. Those images come from Imgur via reddit and pretty much everyone on Twitter. You can find out more about Westroscraft at their site. Brilliant show, gang.


    Are these people employed?

    Studios should start hiring people to make recreations in Minecraft

    And Notch should hire them as programmers

      Be gainfully employed AND have time to do that?

        Maybe, it's possible, I wonder how long it took

          took 100 people 4 months

      Being able to place blocks in a certain arrangement does not make one a programmer.

      Ubisoft did just that. I forget the name, but they hired a famous Youtuber/Minecraft builder to recreate the Island from Far Cry 3.

        More companies should do what they did

    Where do they get their references? I'm presuming watching/rewatching the tv series for close up details, and pausing the opening credits for a simplified look at the whole city. But I wonder how much of it is just 'filler' and much is 'accurate'. Whatever that means when talking about a fictional tv show...

      I believe they are basing it around the book rather than the series, there are some pretty big distinctions between some of the cities (dragonstone for example)

      Official map:
      Show map:

        I didn't realise the maps in the books were so detailed, I've only seen the world maps, so there's definitely a lot to go off. The TV shows opening credits would probably help a little bit but it looks so much more simplified.

      Kings landing scenes are filmed in dubrovnik, Croatia. So this is essentially a re-creation of Dubrovnik. So its not all that impressive when you know that.

        I check ed it out and you're right, it's very similar, probably helped with a lot of the smaller, more believable details on houses to make it more realistic.

      The books came first, and with maps no less.

    Balls! I'm struggling just to make a wheat farm in this game!

    Also, this needs to be made functional using feed the beast and all its mods to actually bring it to life.

    Almost positive this is generated from the models in the Game of Thrones game (which did see a PC release). A similar technique has been used to render several other game worlds in Minecraft. Its cool, but it takes the magic out of it when you learn it was mostly an automatic process.

    EDIT: Its hard to say if this was made this way. Apparently the terrain looks so good because they use World Painter.

    Last edited 31/01/13 10:26 am

      the terrain is most likely generated but there are several videos showing them build the cities by hand

    Glad to see they finally fixed the Great Sept of Baelor to have 7 instead of the 6 in previous version.

    My castles look like mud huts compared to this.

    Being able to place blocks does not make you a programmer, it makes you an architect. I am an architect & its not a case of putting up blocks/bricks or wooden poles to make what you want. You have to think 5 or 6 steps ahead & how that block will effect the next block or the end result.

    You have to factor in the next building & the surrounding buildings & how they are effected. I created city of London with a few friends but that was back in the 1800's style so I am very impressed!

    Its very impressive to see these designs & all I can say is well done.

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