Get In The God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Now, Because It Ends Tomorrow

Wait, God of War: Ascension is having an open multiplayer beta? Holy smokes, no one told me until now. But it's for real, it's open to all PlayStation Network users (Plus and otherwise) in North and South America, and will last through tomorrow.

Go get your code at this site, redeem the code through the PlayStation Store, and you're downloading the beta. The site at the link also has strategy guides to acclimate you to what multiplayer has to offer.

God of War Multiplayer Beta Open: get Your Code Here [God of War]


    I somehow already have (well, had) the multiplayer beta on my PS3... I'm not entirely sure how, as I never did anything to get a code (do PLUS members have it automatically downloaded? if so, then that's going to be a bit of a problem with my internet download limit).

      If you have the automatic download turn on then yes if the related games box is ticked.

      Otherwise no.

        Ah, that explains it. Didn't realise I had that box ticked, thank you.

    Love God of War. Tried the multiplayer. It sucked.

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