Giant 1.5m NES Controller Is Made Out Of LEGO And Actually Works

LEGO builder Baron von Brunk, who you may have seen here from time to time, is back with something a bit bigger. A little more ambitious.

He's built this enormous 1.5m LEGO NES controller, which works.

I don't know what to be more impressed by, the build itself or the fact he owned enough grey and black pieces to put it together in the first place.

Giant Fully-Operational LEGO NES Controller! [Baron von Brunk]


    At least when you rage out and throw this controller, you can put it back together!

      but can you put the room back together that you also broke???

        if you could afford to buy that, im pretty sure you could afford to fix the room after you threw it

          unless you've supersized your tv and entertainment system as well and that's whats broken. ha ha.

          lego isnt terribly expensive....

          Last edited 04/01/13 12:18 pm

            oh my word, i thought it said 1.5million dollars, my bad

    I came for the giant LEGO controller, but stayed for the beautiful music :)

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