Giant 20-Inch Gordon Freeman Statue Keeps Headcrabs Off Your Bookshelf

Gaming Heads, a company that has been making Valve-related merchandise for a few years now, will later this year be brining out this impressively (and huge) Gordon Freeman statue.

Standing 20 inches tall and available in the third quarter of this year, the regular edition will sell for $US320, while a collector's edition (that comes with an extra weapons, the SMG) will sell for $US340.

Gordon Freeman [Gaming Heads]


    I have Gaming Heads' headcrab zombie statue already. I wonder if I can find a place to put this one, too...

    Wow! All that for just $320 !! Bargain! !

    Good Likeness on the crowbar, pity about Gordy's face though.

    Does he have a button you can push to hear 1 of 10 Freeman-tastic quotes from the games?

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