God Of War Controller Will Hit Aussie Shores In March

Sony Australia's confirmed that the special DualShock 3 designed around God Of War: Ascension will be available in Australia when the game launches here on March 14th.

We've known about the Ascension controller ever since Sony Japan announced it, so it really was just a matter of time before it spread further than Japan. It'll set you back $79.99 as a standalone controller; no word as yet as to whether there will also be a controller bundle with the game.


    Looks all right but I have a controller already :s

    Ugly. It didn't need Kratos' face on it. Could have gone with the skin color and the red stripe for a more minimalistic look and it would have looked loads better in my opinion.

    I think it looks awesome! I will definitely buy it, I love the God of War series. :)

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