Google's Home Page Is No Friend Of Productivity

Chrome users have no need to regularly visit the Google home page, missing out on all the time-relevant doodles - and the occasional game, like right now. Today's time-waster puts you in the shoes of that most honourable profession - the ice rink resurfacer.

As skaters run around your rink, you'll have to clean up after them. It's a game about conserving fuel while you clean up. You have a limited amount, and ice skaters will drop fuel canisters for some reason. Eventually, you'll have to plan around the canisters. You can check it out here.


    Haha i was playing that before i came on here, i was about to type kotaku when i saw it LOL

    Didn't work with my browser at work... which is probably a good thing :)

    It didn't work on IE, but then I remembered I installed chrome yesterday. :/

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