Got $10 Million Spare? Be A Rockstar And Buy Dan Houser's New York Condo...

Less than a year ago Dan Houser, one of the main creative forces behind the Grand Theft Auto series, bought Truman Capote's former mansion in Brooklyn for $12.5 million. Now he's selling it for a knock down bargain price of $10 million. Any takers?

At the time Dan Houser managed to pick up the condo for $5.5 million less than the asking price, but has since put the property up for sale five times. This will be the sixth.

The place looks absolutely incredible: 11 bedrooms, 7000 square feet of space. Someone really needs to do a gaming version of MTV cribs.

This is how the other (gaming) half lives folks. Truly Dan Houser is the Tony Stark of video games.


Grand Theft Auto creator puts three-story Manhattan penthouse on sale for SIXTH time in one year - and at a $2.25m loss [Daily Mail]

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    "Someone really needs to do a gaming version of MTV cribs."

    While that would be an AWESOME show to watch, 99.9% of the 'cribs' would most likely be middle-class apartments out in the suburbs on the verge of having the power cut off. Unless of course you want the show to focus on the marketing/business guys...

    Hmmm....only $10 million? And it's the sixth time it's been on sale?

    Yeah I dunno. Seems kinda dodgy to me. What's wrong with it? I don't want to buy a property that might fall down, even if it is for only $10 million.

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    No photos of the game room!?

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    Wrong, He's not selling the Copote mansion in Brooklyn He bought last year He is selling his former residence 3 storey penthouse in Soho Manhattan.Guess he only needs one $10mill+ home.
    How modest.

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