Green Man Gaming Offers Discount On All Price-Inflated Games

After a spat of negative feedback following Green Man Gaming's decision to give in to publisher pressure and raise the price of their games, the online games retailer is offering a 30% discount on any price-gouged title.

We recently reported on the price-hiking move by Green Man Gaming, which directly contradicts their premise of being a fairly priced local retailer.

Game prices in Australia are regularly 50-100% more expensive than overseas, with no real reason other than we're willing to pay it. Retailers usually fall in line, while publishers claim that price drops would close down their local offices, and ultimately be detrimental to Aussie gaming. According to Green Man, they'll be wearing the damage in the name of keeping their promise:

“We have thought long and hard about the ANZ market that has been so good to GMG in the past and what our approach should be. We value our loyal customers in Australia and New Zealand and, as such, GMG are taking the hit so that we can offer the value you have come to expect from us.”

At first glance, it looks like the discount will just "un-gouge" the prices. While subject to change, the deal will supposedly be in effect for the next 10 years on any locally price-inflated game bought on the Green Man Gaming website.

Anyone who wants to take advantage can enter the following code: GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW

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    Never used Green Man Gaming before, but this might just seal the deal!

      You really should, I think I've got about 10 games from them now. They often have Steam busting sales.

      My friends will usually go there during steam sales to get even CHEAPER games, sometimes it's crazy.

    Why exactly would I want to buy these games in this fashion at all though? You're not gouging me (why thank you so much) but my money will still go to 2K anyway?

    So while we pay $72 - 30%, everyone else in the world is still paying $50 - 20% to 30% given how often they run coupon promotions. Colour me not impressed.

    Will this stack with their usual 20-30% off coupon though?

      I think you can only have one coupon active at a time.

    So do you need to input a special code to not get gouged? Does that mean unless you are in the 'club' you will get gouged?

    When has their premise ever been 'fairly priced local retailer'? If anything their premise is the ability to trade in digital games. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've never seen them 'promise' anything of the sort. I'll keep buying from them regardless because they aren't at fault for the publishers being arseholes, although chances are I won't be buying any 2K games.

      No - that was definitely their main selling point, especially seeing as hardly any of their games can actually be traded in. I got a bunch of emails about refusing to discriminate pricing by region.

      On point - unless the discount increases to 55% off during their (nearly constant) sales, we're still being charged more than everyone else. Still - screw 2k, what local services do they offer to justify this?

    I'll have to take your word for it, but our reason for shopping there isn't the same thing as it being their premise though.

    The stupidest part of this is that both of the games that started this are Steamworks titles, meaning that even if they stopped every online store from selling keys at the lower price you could just import the disks...

    Jesus! Just use a vpn to buy from GMG and quit your pissing and moaning. A browser based vpn is all you need...

    2 things cracked me up

    Game prices in Australia are regularly 50-100% more expensive than overseas, with no real reason other than we’re willing to pay it

    We value our loyal customers in Australia and New Zealand and, as such, GMG are taking the hit so that we can offer the value you have come to expect from us.

    The first one is laughable as it sounds like we are all equal in the world by our standard of living so therefore we are the suckers for paying more for the same conditions. When obviously that aint true because our standard of living is much higher and we have the good life so therefore we gotta pay bit more, but nope people want best of both worlds. You want downright cheap prices, you get downright cheap standard of living. Rent and Wages in Australia are regularly 100-200% more expensive than overseas, with no real reason other than we’re willing to pay it

    The second one has its laughing credit in that this company that never heard of is willing to go under for the sake of making people happy in doing the lowest price. Which just goes to show, now days, Price is everything and that's it. If they think that if i offer the games that go for $70-$80 and sell them at $10.00, enough people will support me and i will break even. Wrong, because even if you offer the game for $10.00, they will still search around and try find it for $5.00 and you go under, lose the business scratching your head because it doesn't matter what you say to people, as its turning into all based on price affair which i'm really hoping can be proved wrong about.

      I see the argument you're making for the first point in regards to retail, but prices are identical, if not more expensive, via digital distribution. I'm not certain how publishers justify this, even when selling via their own online stores.

      Last edited 17/01/13 8:09 pm

      Daveo I think you're getting the US and UK mixed up with third world countries. There's no reason a game that's $50 in the states should be $100 here. The dollar is much closer to parity than it used to be, and digital distribution has no shipping costs. If anything, that cost has been passed over to the consumer, via bandwidth.

        Yeah i might have jumped the gun and not been to clear, my bad. Digital Distribution i'm in total agreement on why get charged more for a digital product with no shipping and downloaded from outside. The physical product though is a different story so what trying to get across.

    Just tried stacking coupons, it doesn't work.
    Tested with Borderlands 2
    Full (ANZ) Price: $71.99
    current special 20% coupon: $57.60
    ANZ coupon: $50.40

    Incidently have the retail version for $28.79 or the 'email code' version for $32.99
    It's pathetic to think that digital is more expensive than a retail version.

      But now apply the regular 20% discount to the US price and see what you end up with. It's easy to get lost in all the numbers..

      It's a good thing GMG is trying to do but it doesn't change the fact that we're still being overcharged by the publishers who are setting a minimum price.

        I tried yesterday, you can't stack coupons :(
        (Unless they've changed it since yesterday)

        edit: Just re-read your post... You were talking about the US GMG price, not stacking coupons. Disregard my comment :P

        Last edited 18/01/13 12:44 pm

    So this stops you from using their regular 30% or more discount codes?
    You just lost another customer.

    Just had a look around at prices for comparison of local retailers vs digital
    (using gamecafe, GMG through respective proxies and the store websites)

    Borderlands 2
    GMG AU- $71.99 ($50.40 with ANZ coupon)
    Steam AU - $69.99
    JBhifi - $54
    EB games $68

    GMG US - $47.53 AUD
    Steam US - $57.03 AUD
    Gamestop - $57.03 AUD
    Best Buy - $57.03 AUD

    GMG UK - $45.68 AUD
    Steam UK - $45.68 AUD
    Game UK - $57.88 AUD (not on sale price)
    Gamestop UK - $50,23 AUD

    Now as a quick comparison of a new release game retail vs digital (pricing by capcom);
    DMC: Devil May Cry
    GMG AU - $49.99
    Steam - $49.99
    JB - $49
    EB games - $58

    The protecting local retailers argument is moot. UK and US markets have digital pricing on par with retail if not cheaper, which is also seen by another game by another publisher. In theory digital purchases should be cheaper than retail because it shipping costs are non existent. So if it's possible to have parity overseas between retail and digital, how does 2K justify the imaginary tax on digital purchases in Australia?

    And lastly people are misunderstanding what's happening. The coupon is to "un-gouge" prices for games where they've been told to inflate which will be select publishers. Other games will still be at fairly cheap prices where normal coupons will apply (and where the 30% coupon can't be used). I don't understand why people are ditching the site, as from what the article says it's not their whole catalogue that is affected, only select games, which you could find cheaper elsewhere if it's a problem

    So wait, am i misunderstanding the idea that most of you want GMG to PAY for us to have lower prices? You want them to take a hit so we can get games cheaper? So they won't profit at all? Is this what you're saying? Prices are bad, sure but how can you possibly feel entitled to this from any business? Would any of you be so noble?

    I generally find and are generally cheaper than greenman anyway.

    Unless we can use two codes at the same time it really doesn't address the problem. Normally you can add a 20 or 25 percent discount to a title.. this adds 30% to an inflated price.. so you're not really winning here..

    Borderlands 2:
    - GMG AU- $71.99
    - GMG US - $47.53 AUD

    Now.. apply the 30% discount $50.40. It's still more than US are paying.. now apply the almost daily 20% offer GMG has to the US price $38.02. Still paying $12 more for the game even with 30% "de-gouge" discount.

    See.. you can compare the prices against OTHER stores all you like but we're not talking about prices at OTHER stores, we're talking about prices at THIS store and whether it is worth bothering with.

    And yes, there are other options out there.. is one I have been using with good results.. but there are others.

    I don't know if it's because I have been a member for a while but I just bought Bio-shock infinite for $45 with 25% pre-order discount, surely that's half of what steam would want. is better than gmg, better prices on pretty much everything.

    Christ. Don't you people realise they are screwed no matter what way they try to fix it?

    1.) Keep the publishers happy and raises prices and don't discount. People get angry as they have to pay more and don't shop there any more.
    2.) Accept publishers pricing but provide a coupon to bring it back to normal levels at the expense of other coupons. Customers leave because they can't get further discounts.
    3.) Ignore the publishers then lose the ability to sell said products because the publishers crack the sads. Customers leave because they don't sell AAA titles anymore.

    Seriously people? They are between a rock and a hard place. They didn't have to offer a coupon to give you 'normal' pricing back.

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