Guy Sets Out To Build The Entire World In Minecraft. Here's What Australia Looks Like

A player by the name of "Lentebriesje" has embarked on one of the most extravagant virtual construction projects to date — recreating Earth in Minecraft. He's approached it one continent at a time and here's his/her interpretation of our very own Australia.

Like a lot of players that have attempted similarly epic efforts, Lentebriesje isn't building it by hand, rather he's using a tool called Worldpainter and importing maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There's also the matter of scale — it's a 1:1500 recreation, as a full-scale one would probably kill something.

With most of the data handled, it's a matter of cleaning up the messy bits, with the end result visible at a closer perspective in the images below.

Here's the forum post dedicated to the Australian section of the project, but you're more than welcome to check out the global effort.

PS. And here's a list of co-ordinates if you're keen to see what your home city looks like (probably a lot more angular and barren than you remember).

Australia 1:1500 scale [Noxcrew via Planet Minecraft]


    As cool as this is, and it IS cool no doubt, I always sit here and think to myself.. Why freaking bother??? :P It's a scale of earth in Minecraft... That's the last achievement I'd like to make in life lol

      Because minecraft is a game and a game this guy enjoys playing.

      Why? F**k you, that's why! Just kidding. :p

      Honestly though, why not though? A server using it as a template map would have a pretty sweet (not to mention, familiar) environment to mess around in. Dunno about you guys, but I'd love to build random junk around a close approximation of my home town!

    Australia ay... Well when he gets around to building Sydney he can just make a mile high mound of dung.

      That's kinda harsh. Sydney ain't great I must admit (a lot of the culture seems to revolve around clubbing and excessive amounts of booze which ain't classy at all) but to call it a mound of dung without any sort of reason as to why is pretty mean. You've also started a "my city's better than yours" war which kinda sucks.

      Busselton is the best city...

    Interesting initiative... glad he ain't doing full-scale.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Really? Bit early to be trolling when thousands of people are currently unable to return to their homes...

      Your comment is so retarded that it's not even wrong.

      Seriously dude?

      Fucken hell........

      Im pretty sure he's talking about the bushfires...

        I'm pretty sure he was refering to it as a hole and not something racist like it sounds.
        Not that I'm saying tasmania is, lovely place.

        Last edited 06/01/13 4:05 pm

        I know he was referring to the bushfires.....

          Well, whatever he was referring to, he's an asshole.

    I wounder how hes going to make it rounded? Or will the world end at say the international date line?

    Possibly relevant..

    Doesn't anyone else find it lame when they use outside tools or import maps?

    I just been exploring main city co ords and it is just a blank map mostly just trees no citys.

    Love how the comments made no reference to Minecraft and just became flame wars between cities. Pretty soon, i'm sure religion will come into play.

    Perth ftw?

      No insecure East coaster has taken a giant dump on it yet... so maybe, yes. Stoked no one's mentioned my city. :D

    Say that to the people who have lost their homes.

    Can't wait to see how (or if) the cities are represented in-game!

    And just for the record, I pretty much can't take people from the East Coast seriously when they use that stupid almost Julia Gillard accent (but so much worse!), you know, where 'bees' becomes 'bois' and words that sound like 'shown' or flown' become 'showen' and 'flowen'. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisvegas are all pretty nice cities (though crossing Syndey in peak hour is a montherfu...), and generally the people are nice too, but when it comes to other states, then they get retarded. Take Victorians for example. Melbourne's a great place, but compare it to another city and they get super insecure and act like Australia's middle children, always shrill and pretentious, always seeking attention.

    Can't we all unite? Can't we get back to our roots and stop fighting amongst ourselves and start picking on those Yank idiots again and the way they put whipped cheese in cans and the way they say (phonetically speaking) 'aloom-i-num' and 'nu-killer'...?

    Someone better warn him about going to Greece to get first hand knowledge of the layout.

    ... I mean, go on a holiday. Thats it.

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