HabitRPG Lets You Gamify Your Life

New Kickstarter project HabitRPG, if successful, will allow you to gamify your life in a system of time spent productively vs time spent relaxing... Or as I call it, time spent well.

The app already exists on the web (and can track your unproductive web activity) but the Kickstarter project aims to bring it to iOS and Android.

The vague, self-programmable nature of the app allows you to be as specific as you like when adding in habits you'd like to reinforce/break. The overall system seems to have potential. Too much time shirking work will make you lose health, while time spent productively will eventually level you up. If your health depletes, you lose. It eventually aims to be able to allow you to compete with your friends.

It's open source, and hopes to charge for 'avatar flare" to make money, though some of that can be earned simply by performing well. It eventually hopes to plug into myriad tools, such as MyFitnessPal.

Check out their Kickstarter here.


    I switched over to Chrome for a while just to try this out. It seems like a good idea, but execution needs a lot of work... very buggy. Would be good if it had a Firefox extension too.

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