Hackycat Is Hackysack With Cats

Finally, someone made a game out of kicking cats. They'll call it "juggling", but you and I know where the real fun comes from. Local developer Ken Wong, who worked on Alice: Madness Returns, is behind this take on Hackysack, in which you touch the cats to keep them in the air.

Actually, you're saving the cats in this iOS arcade game, making sure Hipstacat and Sir Pussington (yes, those are real names) don't explode when they touch the ground. All these years later, I'm presented with the excuse I should have told Mum when I was ten.

Hackycat will be out soon on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We'll be speaking with Ken Wong soon as well, stay tuned!


    yeah that's gonna be pulled

    Now to act like a hypocrite and say thats its wrong to kick cats, then suggest that the game should have you kick cane toads instead because they are pests. ( even though thats it cruel and and that feral cats and dogs and train cats and dogs cause just as much damage to native wild life as cane toads and rabbits)


    This game makes me kind of uncomfortable but at the same time I want to play. Damn :P

    This game is utter bullsh**!

    I just tried it IRL and the cats keeps running away...putting strings on them just ends in a mess.

    How am I meant to continue to replicate every game I play if its so untrue!?!

      Never work with kids or animals. Just keep replicating GTA, you'll be fine.

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