Halo 2’s PC Multiplayer Shuts Off On February 15

Halo 2’s PC Multiplayer Shuts Off On February 15

With the population peaking “consistently at approximately 20 players or less”, Halo 2‘s PC multiplayer has been given one month to live. 343 Industries yesterday said the servers will be turned off on February 15.

If you remember the last time something like this happened, in 2010, as Microsoft was retiring support for the original Xbox Live, about a dozen people managed to stay on past the deadline — one kept his connection going for a full month before getting booted.

Will there be as much nostalgia from the PC community for Halo 2? A waypoint forum thread had a sprinkling of the usual bile and anger over shutting off online support, no matter how few were using it. But one fan saw fit to post a tribute, his top four montages of Halo 2 on PC. No. 1 is above. You can check out Nos. 2, 3, and 4, and remember the good times.

The Halo Bulletin: 01.16.13 (last item) [Halo Waypoint]


  • If they had bothered to make a proper PC version there might be a few more people who actually care about this. I played it a few times on PC, and as a pretty hardcore PC player I can say it was a bloody fantastic Xbox game.

  • As much as I loved Halo 2 (was all I ever played on the original Xbox), the PC version never really took off because it wasn’t exactly what you would call a good port; and that was not helped by forcing people to use Vista and above.

    I never really gave Halo 2 XB a proper sendoff, but I wont make that mistake a second time round; Installing my PC copy now.
    I still have hopes a H2 Anniversary will come out soon though; and I have no doubts it would do quite well assuming they didn’t stuff around with the MP like they did in Halo CE Anniversary.

    • What multiplayer in Halo CE;A? Everybody knew they wouldn’t include multiplayer for a 10 year old game when the entire point was nostalgia for the campaign.

      • Knowing it wouldn’t happen and hoping are 2 different things. I knew it was unlikely they would keep the original MP in, but I still had hope…….. Just like I would with a Halo2 Anniv.

  • How dare they ignore the wants and needs of those 20 dedicated fans.

    This would be like if Ricochet’s server support were to suddenly be yanked.

  • There are still a few people playing Halo:CE online on the Mac, had a couple of games last weekend. Lots of empty servers, though. I’m always surprised when I load it up to find there are still people playing.

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