'Hater Used Hate': This Hip-Hop RPG Video Is Good At Making You Laugh

At first, the vibe of SG Grey Days' retro-RPG-styled video didn't grab me. An overworld that looked like something out of a Genesis-era game? Yawn. But when the random encounter battle with a Wild Hater got underway, I couldn't stop laughing.

The clip is for the Frames of Invincibility EP by rap duo SG Grey Days, who say that they're "inspired by the sensibility of early '90s New York Hip-Hop, blended with today's dynamic instrumentation". The worst thing about the jokes in the turn-based rap battle is that they kept me from listening from the lyrics. Here's hoping these folks — and video director Marc Blair — do a few more videos like this.


    Eh did nothing for me. I liked a few of the old school sound effects but that was about it.

    Genesis-era?? Looks like Pokemon to me.

      i came here just to ask what pokemon center that was so yeah deffinitly pokemon

      Yeah, more funny then how crap this video was is realizing a video game reporter can't recognize Pokemon.

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