Have Some Assassin's Creed III Glitch Videos To Finish Off Sunday

Are games buggier today, or do we have more ways to capture said bugs and share them when they occur? I'd say both, considering how complex today's titles are. Assassin's Creed III, of course, is not safe from the odd splash of weirdness, like the, uh, somewhat dirty method of combat the hero employs in the video above.

GamesRadar put together five of the more outrageous glitches players have experience in the game, curated from that YouTube site everyone keeps going on about. I have yet to play Assassin Creed III — heck, I haven't touched the series since the first game — but I honestly wouldn't mind experiencing the odd visual gag or two.

You know, as long as it doesn't corrupt a save of ruin my progress, I imagine it'd help mix things up.

Here are two more clips from the article — hit up GamesRadar for a couple more.

5 funny Assassin's Creed III glitches [GamesRadar]


    I dunno if games in general are buggier, but Ass Creed 3 is definately one of the buggiest video games I have ever played. I couldn't get through one of those freakin eavesdropping missions without getting caught cos of some bug. Stopped playing after that, this damn unfinished (and boring) game!

    You never go near the glitches.......They will take you to dark places, what has been seen cannot be unseen.

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