Head To Federation Square -- Play Indie Games On An Enormous Screen

What are you doing this evening — hunkering down with a packet of Burger Rings and My Kitchen Rules? How about you ditch that and head down to Federation Square in Melbourne. There's only going to be a delightful evening of top notch indie games being played on a massive outdoor screen!

For 6-9pm tonight, and every other Wednesday until February 27, Federation Square is playing host to Indie Allsorts, a celebration of indie gaming on a large scale. It's all part of the lead up to this year's Freeplay, an event now being put together by co-directors Harry Lee and Katie Williams.

Those names may be familiar to a few of you. Katie Williams has contributed to Kotaku Australia on more than a few occasions, and we profiled Harry Lee and his great work late last year. Indie Allsorts is one of the first initiatives being launch under their tenure, and I think it's a pretty swell idea.

The following games will be available to play...


Nidhogg by Mark Essen Pole Riders by Bennett Foddy Ninja, a folk game


Canabalt by Adam Saltsman Ski Safari by Defiant Development Lemon Jousting by Coney


Super Crate Box by Vlambeer Forget-Me-Not by Nyarlu Labs Snapture by PlayReactive


Crayon Physics Deluxe by Petri Purho Little Things Forever by Matthew Hall Bocce Drift by David Jimison and Jeff Crouse


Thomas Was Alone by Mike Bithell Cumulo Nimblers by Farbs Gargoyles by Jaime Woo

A pretty stellar line-up. If you live in Melbourne, I strongly recommend checking it out!


    I was so excited when I read "Federation Square", but living out in regional Victoria and working during the week, there's no way for me to be in the CBD on a Wednesday afternoon unless I take a week off.

    Doesn't say anything about Nidhogg on the official website, which is a shame because it's completely rad. If they don't have it on the big screen then it's on the Winnitron @ Mana Bar (if it's working, that is).

    Melbourne gets all the good shit, little wonder my missus is so intent on moving there when she finished Uni.

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