Here Are 10 Free Platforming Games

While the indie scene produced many high quality, profitable games in 2012, there were still plenty of developers doing it for the love. Why not give their games a play? Over at the Indie Games Blog, they've compiled a list of their top ten free platformers for 2012.

The games range from the ridiculously, comically hard I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden (pictured above), to ones that simply explore an interesting idea. But none of them look exactly easy.

Others aim to tell more of a story. But to say Nugget's only strength is its message about discrimination would be unfair - for a bunch of straight lines, its interesting art style does a fantastic job of getting across emotion.

Their #1? You Have To Win The Game, by Gearbox's J. Kyle Pittman:

You can view the full list, with links to downloads, here.


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