Here Are The Worst Games Of 2012, According To Metacritic

The cynical among us might say that all the games we played this year were 'awful'. Fewer titles reached a score of at least 90 or higher in 2012 than in 2011, after all.

"We have never encountered such a low total number of great games in a single year," Metacritic stated on a post detailing the best games of 2012. This post also included the worst reviewed games in 2012 — which, frankly, is the more interesting list to me. Let's take a look.

Here are the results: rank, game, publisher, and score, in that order.

Xbox 360

209. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse | Activision | 39 210. Battleship | Activision | 38 211. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor | Capcom | 38 212. The Expendables 2 Videogame | Ubisoft | 32 213. AMY | Lexis Numerique | 25

No Activision games in the top 30, two Activision games in the worst of. Insert your gripes with Activision and the industry dying (again) here.

The Xbox 360 also wins the honour of having the lowest scored game out of all of the platforms, with Amy scoring a 25.


173. 007 Legends | Activision | 41 174. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock | BBC Worldwide | 39 175. The Expendables 2 Videogame |Ubisoft | 34 176. AMY | Lexis Numerique | 33 177. Smash 'N' Survive | Version2Games Limited | 31

PS3 gamers know what's up, given that the horrid 007 Legends is included. God, that game was awful.

Wii U

25. SiNG Party | Nintendo | 58 26. Rabbids Land | Ubisoft | 53 27. Funky Barn | 505 Games | 51 28. Tank! Tank! Tank! | Namco Bandai |45 29. ESPN Sports Connection | Ubisoft | 30

Aww, but Tank! Tank! Tank! made that one little kid cry out of happiness on Christmas!


177. Deep Black: Reloaded | Just A Game | 39 178. Realms of Ancient War | Focus Home Interactive | 39 179. Legends of Pegasus | Kalypso | 35 180. Hoodwink | E-One Studio | 29 181. Fray | Brain Candy | 27

The PC list, perhaps unsurprisingly, is much unlike the worst-of list of consoles/handhelds. Not as many (readily apparent) shovelware.


51. One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 | Namco Bandai | 49 52. One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP | Namco Bandai | 46 53. Johnny Kung Fu | UFO Interactive | 44 54. Block Factory | Enjoy Gaming | 42 55. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D | Atari | 39

You do not want to play One Piece, folks.

PS Vita

61. Spy Hunter | Warner Bros. Interactive | 50 62. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance | Ubisoft | 49 63. Asphalt: Injection | Ubisoft | 49 64. Ridge Racer | Namco Bandai | 44 65. Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified | Activision | 33

I had no idea game named "Asphalt: Injection" existed, but I am not surprised it's (apparently) not good. Also, ouch, Black Ops. And that crud probably sold better than the fantastic Persona 4: Golden? Sigh.

You can check out their best-of list here.

And if you played any of these awful titles? I'm so, so sorry. Though I'm curious if some of you disagree with this list — might some of you, perhaps, have loved one of the games listed here?

The Best video games of 2012 [Metacritic]


    ...does this mean the PSV received ten more games than the 3DS across the year?

      It had ten more games that qualified for Metacritic. A lot of shovelware simply doesn't get enough reviews to get rated on Metacritic. That's also why the worst games of the year are getting scores of 30-40. Reviewers don't even bother with games likely to score lower than that (also the review scale is broken and this is one of the contributing factors).

    I can't help but notice Ubisoft is representing pretty prominantly in the poolist for 2012. I hate to be that guy, but are they racing Activision for the wooden spoon this year? They've got a bad rep for their attitude towards their customers and their rigid policy toward modding their wares and they seem to be churning out a lot of crap for the last couple of years...

      I seem to recall a Ubisoft guy saying that they want to start taking a scattershot approach. Make lots of games for different genres/playstyles, create lots of new IPs, then see which ones stick and is successful and focus on those.

    Wow, Black Ops Declassified is really that bad?

      Activision gave the rights to make the Vita port to the company that completely botched the Vita release of Resistance (a Metacritic score of 60 isn't exactly failure, but it is at least 20 points lower than every other Resistance title) maybe Activision thought they'd do better since they had experience, instead they made an even worse game.

      Hopefully now everyone has learnt their lesson and just let nStigate make 99c games for the mobile market, what they recently restructured their business to do. Luckily the upcoming Killzone title looks to be not only not being made by nStigate, but being made by the developers of the main franchise proper. . . hopefully we'll be able to see what an actually good FPS game is like on the PS Vita

    I'm surprised Steel Battalion got such a high score. 38 for a game that is near impossible to control the way you want.

    How does AMY get a 25 on 360 and a 33 on PS3?

      More people reviewed the 360 version than the PS3 version. More negative reviews made the score drop lower, also for some reason GamingXP gave the PS3 version a score of 76 (despite giving the 360 version a score of 53) which pushed it's overall Metacritic score up.

    I honestly didn't think AMY was that bad. I mean, I can't think of a worse game I played (in 2012), but there were a few that weren't noticeably better.

    Why is 'The War Z' not in there? Its bloody woeful.

    It's interesting to note that aside from the Wii-U (which doesn't have that many games yet), the handhelds did the relatively least worst out of all platforms. (ie. Their worst scores are better than most for the other platforms)

    Not an accurate list... THE WAR Z is missing from the pc list!!!

      This is exactly what i was thinking, maybe they were only including games out of alpha testing.

        Oh but remember, the war z is not IN alpha, it's a 'foundation release'! Lol

    Game review scores are so messed up. If One Piece is really that bad, how is it still exactly average?

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