Here Are The Newest Pokemon Being Released Worldwide This October

Tonight, Nintendo unveiled the newest Pokémon game, Pokémon X/Pokémon y. It's a completely new title for the 3DS.

One point of interest: in the core series, as long as you consider diamond, pearl and platinum colour shades, these are the first Pocket Monster games that are not named after colours.

The three starters look to be Chespin (the Grass type), Fennekin (the Fire type) and Froakie (the Water type). You can sneak a peek at them, along with some in-game screenshots and the (probable) two new legendaries below.

The games are getting a worldwide release in October 2013.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct featuring the games in English here.


    They have really lost the plot now...

      So insanity starts after 646?

        649. you forgot three XD

      >Sees 5 new pokemon

    My guess Pokemon X & Y is a reference to the parameters of a three dimensional object, the next game might be Pokemon Z.

    This looks like it might be what I've wanted for years, a 3D Pokemon Battle! Might be an excuse to actually buy one of the games since HeartGold

      There is no reason to buy any of the games since HeartGold

        Apart from an improved metagame, improved storyline, improved animations and improved graphical style, I agree, no reason to buy Black/White.
        Have you even played these games?

      But... Black 2 and White 2 were amazing! As were Black and White, though not as much as the sequels.

    And it's 3D? I feel that that should warrant more attention, seeing as how lots of people have wanted that for a while (like me, yaaay)

    There is now a game I'm looking forward to this year!
    (no doubt there will be others, but this one is #1 so far :D)

    Reminds me of EA games: Just a clone of the last one with one or two little features and better graphics bolted on...

      That's been the problem for years. Black 2 looks like HeartGold.
      They've finally redesigned the UI. The gameplay looks nothing like the old games

        Nah, at this point, it looks pretty much exactly like the old games. The combat looks like Pokemon Stadium/etc. style where the combat is proper 3D models, but that's about it. And honestly, I'm fairly okay with it... I'd love them to shake it up, but they'd more likely break it than fix it.

      Isnt that how Pokémon work? Same thing, different/more pokemon :/

    Based on the trailer this might just be the game i've been waiting for since i first played a pokemon game. Now that this is out it may just help boost the 3ds sales in october (already know people saving for both games and a 3ds xl)

    The worldwide release is the biggest news here I think. Excellent news.

      Also means most people will have to go into the game blind rather than look up all the pokemon and work out a team beforehand.

    I wonder if this is all going to get lumped under Gen 5, or if this kicks off Gen 6. And if they're going 3D here and its a new gen, we're due a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald remake.

      New pokemon - it's Gen 6 I would say.

      They said in the livestream that its the new generation

        Didn't know that. Thanks for the info guys. Also yay for Gen 3 remakes! More than likely we'll see them here

          The generations are also usually related to the codebase and starters and such. Since this will be a new codebase (Hence requiring the 3ds, while B2W2 still worked on the DS) with new starters, it is pretty well the definition of a new generation. :)

    I think the X and Y are based on the new pokemon - I thought that was pretty obvious. I mean just look at the flying/dragon type - it resembles a Y very clearly. You can also make out an X shape in the other pokemon.

      Well actually I think the new pokemon are based on the name.

    Looks just like the other games. If nintendo don't make a 3rd person rpg pokemon game on wii u then they are idiots. Simple as that. Combine normal handheld pokemon and them stadium games for online play.

      >Combine normal Pokemon and then Stadium for online play
      There already is online play. And it works fine.

    I use to love the Pokemon series, but now it gets the same criticism that I give Call of Duty in that now all it seems Gamefreak does is release a new variation of it each year with the same gameplay mechanics and some updated graphics and UI and sometimes new Pokemon, If it's another "You have to collect 8 gym badges to defeat the Elite 4 whilst at the same time stopping a criminal organisation ... I'm out.

    Seriously the direct video showed off the Milking of the franchise
    2009: Pokemon Platinum
    2010: Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
    2011: Pokemon Black and White
    2012: Pokemon Black and White 2
    2013: Pokemon X and Y

      What was the last Pokemon game you actually played?

        Agreed. Black/White 2 (and the original, but not so much) improved on the story formula quite a bit.

    They already have a fire fox pokemon! it's called vulpix! also it looks like that last legendary was taken from the set of princess mononoke.

      I thought the same thing, mainly only because of the antlers. Hell they both looked awesome though :)

    Fire fox appears to have tails growing out of its ears...

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