Inside The Glorious Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Collector's Edition

For the last year or so, the Hyrule Historia seemed like a piece of the powerful and legendary TriForce. Fans of Nintendo's mega-popular series knew the Japan-only book existed. But English-speaking Zelda acolytes had to go through out-of-the-way means — like maybe-not-legal scans and fan translations — to get at its knowledge. Not anymore.

Technically, the English version of the book goes on sale next week. But, Kotaku was able to get a copy earlier today. The images and video seen here will show you an exclusive look inside the limited edition of Hyrule Historia. You'll see character designs for Link and Zelda, letters from series creator Shigeru Miyamoto and current producer Eiji Aonuma and a peek at the official timeline for the Zeldaverse that puts the games in chronological order. It's a great looking package should make any die-hard TLoZ fan, dare I say, tingle.

Die-hard fans who live in New York City were among the first people to get the English version of the Hyrule Historia. at a special preview sale publisher Dark Horse hosted at the Nintendo World store in Manhattan. Everyone else will have to wait until next week. Grab the regular or collector's edition from direct from Dark Horse Comics or at a comics shop or bookstore near you.

Here are some scans in the meantime:


    D: I didn't even know there was another edition, are there any differences aside from the cover?

    Looks really good, can't wait for Amazon to ship mine!

    Imagine if they popped in an image of the next Wii U/3DS Zelda, I'd go nuts!

      Im also guessing the collectors edition is now sold out or something? Cant even see where to get it or a listing on Amazon :/

        It was sold out a few hours after it first went up for preorder on Amazon a few months ago.

      I didn't realise that there was another edition either.
      Luckily I actually like the normal editions cover much more anyway.

    This looks pretty rad, I might just purchase it from Amazon!

    Had no idea about this one. My regular edition has already been shipped anyway. If the only difference is the cover then I don't care!

    According to Amazon the collectors edition has 8 pages less than the standard one.

    (280 pages)

    (272 pages)

    ARRRHHHHHHH!! ! ! ! ! 11one So many collectors editions and not enough moola! ! ! ! ! ! >

    According to a $300+ eBay listing, the limited edition just has a different faux leather cover but is limited to 4000 copies and was only available from a special event at the Nintendo world store. Cool but not worth that!

    That timeline is the biggest horseshit i've read. Nintendo had their chance with Wind Waker to develop a nice, chronological narrative, and they just throw it away with each game. It's lazy.
    Oh well, i don't care much for the Zelda franchise anymore anyway.

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