Hey, Look, It's A Shooter That Lets You Dance Gangam Style

Yesterday, I wrote about taunts — why they're awesome and why people do them. Kotaku reader r3dr0x pointed me towards Blacklight: Retribution, a futuristic, free-to-play shooter.

Most people know it as the game that lets you see through walls. It's also a game that lets you dance to PSY's ultra-popular "Gangam Style".

Check out the video above by YouTube user TheLordW0Lf, which displays three different taunts from the game: hip shimmy, giddy up and lasso. They're modelled after the dances in PSY's music video, even if they're not named after them.

It looks like doing these taunts over someone's dead body in a game would feel more satisfying than teabagging, I must say.

Blacklight Gangnam Style [TheLordW0Lf]


    That's great. I'd love to see more games include aesthetic animations for the hell of it. I'd be incredibly pleased with patch notes to the effect that they added new dances or poses or taunts to whatever MMO I'm playing at the time.

    Just cant get over that song lol. Also would love to import that dance to some of my characters and mid game just break out gangnam style

    too bad the game is such a drag to play.

      What're you talking about foo!
      Blacklight Retribution is one of the best F2P FPS out at the moment.

    Srsly? Blacklight has been out for ages... it was fun for 5 minutes, now it's just another CS. With dubstep.

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