How A Karaoke Bug Made Sleeping Dogs Hilariously Unplayable For One Guy

Beware: NSFW language and minor spoilers abound. Some glitches are annoying. Some are downright infuriating. Still, they can (and do!) serve as the foundations of hilarious internet videos.

The one above is a prime example — all YouTube user Cr1TiKaL wanted to do was to enjoy a little bit of Sleeping Dogs. What he got instead was a bug-fuelled journey of absurdity and frustration through the streets and various locales of virtual Hong Kong.

Sleeping Dogs Error [YouTube]


    This dude tries far too hard to be funny.

      lmao I just said exactly that on his youtube page :/

      it's like he's trying to do a stand up routine about his errors in a forced voice which reeks of trying too hard.

      Last edited 11/01/13 5:29 pm

    wow Sleeping Dogs looks terrible on the 360

      First thing i thought.

    Stuff happened to me in sleeping dogs! Now let me swear and swear and swear! FUNNY RIGHT! No? Really? You sure? C'mon guys its heelarious...



    What do you mean I should've saved in a couple of different slots to avoid game corruption?

    Guys. Of all Critikal's videos use this style of humour.
    Many people seem to enjoy it so obviously he's doing something right.

      Are all his fans Americans ...?

      To each their own I suppose - but in this this case, not funny here.

    I find this amusing, not brilliantly comedic, but amusing. I'm not apologizing.

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