How I Feel About Ni No Kuni In 14 Words

Sometimes the simplest, gut reactions are the truest expressions of how we feel about something. Having played a bunch of Level-5's Ni No Kuni, here are my impressions of the game in 14 words.


    Very excited to pick this up. Looks fantastic

    My good sir, you have just successfully sold me this game.

    Have the special edition on order from Oz Game Shop, can't wait for it but will have to.
    Looks to be an utterly incredible game -visually as well in in terms of gameplay and story.

      Same here, hopefully they have enough stock though, not 5 minutes after I completed my order it was listed as sold out.

        when I originally went to order it was the same, so went to Zavvi, who had a good price for it but I don't like their payment system or how long it takes for them to ship (a month for Persona 3 Portable), so when I found that it was back in stock at OGS, placed my order there (with discount through a voucher).
        Got an e-mail the other day saying it was a one day delay on delivery (matching the changed Oz release date) but that it would ship without error.
        Was originally surprised that JB's pre-orders were all sold but since found that they had very limited stocks available.

    Looking forward to this because I loved the Dragon Quest game these guys made. Personally, I thought it was remarkably bullshit free. And what little there was I didn't find insufferable at all.

    I can't wait for this to come out but really upset with myself that I missed out on the Wizard's Edition and now no where seems to have them instock for pre-order yet, all fully sold out. I am sad.

    Funny, because having bought and now played Ni no Kuni, basically everything that is missing or wrong with it is what Dragon Quest VIII did right. This must be another case of a video game 'journalism' site playing a few hours of a game and being impressed by action based gameplay and more advanced graphics. But now that its been months since the game came out and the consumer has had an actual chance to play the game, I bet Kotaku is sorry for making such a statement.

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