How Many Offensive Things Can You Count In This Doom Mod?

Child murder, priest murder, Barney the dinosaur murder, Mario murder, Buddha murder... really, just murder murder; nothing is sacred. This Doom mod's genre seems to be, as Double Fine's JP LeBreton puts it, "Be Offended". No stone left unturned — this might have a little to do with how this mod mashes just about every Doom mod in existence in one package.

Though old, I played some of Grezzo 2 this morning and yes, it very much delivers on what it promises in the above trailer. More, really, since you can't even see all of the crazy things included.

If Duke Nukem: Forever disappointed you, you might want to give this a download. I got it here. It's in Italian though (hence the amazing song), just so you know.


    What have I just seen?!

    Don't let the government see this one :P

    Umm while not really that offensive, it just looks dumb.

    Quick question to end here, what has Duke Nukem Forever got to do with this?

      Yup looks totally stupid and not even the least bit fun.

    This mod is offensive because its crap. Slow news days guys?

    Pretty sure that is duke nukem 3D... just saying.

      Seriously, how do you mess that up? Especially considering that it also mentions Duke Nukem Forever, as though she realized at the end, but didn't have the decency to go back and change it.

        Also, the song is a cover of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da and is being sung in English....

    nope, can't see anything offensive here.


    *slow blink*

    The song isn't Italian... well, maybe IT is but the original wasn't. It's a cover of Ob-la-di by the Beatles. I can see why the confusion, but. Lyrically a very strange song, that one

    I counted blacks too . Anyone else notice there are blacks in the game?

      Blacks? Say what? Are you from 1980s South Africa or something??

    Wow every Doom mod mashed into Duke Nukem 3D? That is impressive -_-
    Though I think our youngling here might be underestimating the number of Doom and Duke3d mods that have been released.

    Lol another Patricia article. They always have a not-so-sane vibe to them. Kinda like shes typing it from a padded cell. I think they must keep her on the payroll because people enjoy her articles for all the wrong reasons lol.

    Darlin' please get some help. You don't have to live like this.

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