How One Store Explains The Xbox 360's Lack Of Popularity In Japan

This sign was apparently spotted in Japanese retail chain Momotaro, and it does an interesting job of explaining why the store doesn't have many Xbox 360 games. The poster reads, "Teacher! Why are there so few new Xbox items at Momotaro? Is Xbox not popular?"

Below that in green, it reads, "That's not the case! We often sell new items! But the number of shoppers is small..."

"Teacher, why don't you stock a lot?" reads the new question in blue. The answer is a series of green dots below that. Then, the shop explains that it cannot order large numbers of items because the number Xbox 360 owners is low.

However — and this part is pretty neat — the shop explains that it's recommended to purchase by reserving titles, and the shop will even search through its branches across the country to find the Xbox 360 game you want. That's pretty cool!

While people online in Japan seem to think this poster is pretty cruel, I don't. The whole ad, which looks to be a humorous parody of Great Teacher Onizuka, does a playful job of explaining why it doesn't carry lots of Xbox 360 titles.

なんでXbox360の新作はちょっとしか入荷しないの?桃太郎『売れないからです』 [へちま]

Top picture: Costype


    So sick of the bullshit titles here at Kotaku, here I am opening this article EXPECTING some kind of analysis of why the 360 is not popular in japan, which would have been interesting.

    Instead I get trollop about a electronics stores flaming sign, I mean really, REALLY ? That title is about as misleading as it can possibly get.

    Seriously how can "How One Store Explains The Xbox 360′s Lack Of Popularity In Japan", mean, Store doesn't stock a lot 360 items because no one has one....

    Brian you are a disgrace to "journalism" and my god you should be fired.

    Last edited 24/01/13 8:36 am

      Don't be ridiculous.
      First of all, calling for someone to lose their livelihood over something you don't agree with is petty and small-minded.
      Secondly, your complaint in this instance has no validity. The headline said "How One Store Explains The Xbox 360′s Lack Of Popularity In Japan" and that is exactly what the article was about. The sign one store uses to explain the 360's lack of popularity.

      I understand a lot of people have issues with Brian Ashcraft and I also understand why but I will never understand why these people keep clicking on articles with his name attached.

        I was also expecting a different article.

        @ Strange
        Your lack of reading comprehension leaves A LOT to be desired, The headline CLEARLY states that the article will tell me why the 360 is not popular in Japan.

        What it does do its tell me why this store doesn't stock many 360 products, which is because its not popular. There was no explanation as to why its not popular so its a blatant lie. So if your tiny Intellect is unable to comprehend this rather HUGE difference I would wonder if you ever finished any sort of schooling, or perhaps you were unlucky enough to be born unintelligent.

        In relation to his job: This isn't a a one off thing, Brian similar to Luke is always using purposefully using misleading titles to gain views, its disgraceful. Couple this with the typically horrid fashion that his articles are usually written (typically a straight copy with little or nothing added from him personally) and you would see my point to sack him is valid. Any old monkey can copy and paste from another news site.

        What he is doing isn't journalism, its the kinda BS I would expect from Fox news or some other equally disgraceful "news source".

        So please keep your incredibly WRONG opinion to yourself if you can't even get the sodding basic facts straight.

        *I hope you will appreciate the great lengths(and restraint) i went to, too not completely and utter verbally abuse you for being so incredibly incorrect*

        Last edited 24/01/13 10:32 am

          The headline actually clearly states the article will tell you what "one store" thinks. The reading comprehension error is yours as the headline in no way states it will tell you why the 360 is not popular in Japan, just how one store does. Your error becomes especially clear when you factor in your own admission to Brian Ashcraft being a monkey not capable of real journalism.

          You also seem to have not really read my comment, unless your own reading comprehension failure encompasses that as well. Because I stated I understand why people have problems with Mr. Ashcraft. I still don't understand why people like you who obviously are extremely irked by the man would continue to click on his articles. As you stated, it took great restraint for you to not verbally abuse me so why would you subject yourself to a situation that is apparently so torturous for you?

          Sir you are entitled to your opinion and I care not for what people thing of Ashcraft.

          However, you have no right to insult Strange in that way. Especially over something so trivial. I don't expect you to apologies but please refrain from attacking other Kotaku goers in the future.

            Thanks CJ. :)
            But to be fair I kind of asked for it by indirectly calling him petty and small-minded.

          We all appreciate your great lengths and restraint in only showing us a small sliver of your fuckwaddery.

          Last edited 24/01/13 11:50 am

        I dunno man, the headline was "How One Store Explains The Xbox 360′s Lack Of Popularity In Japan", so I wasn't expecting in-depth analysis as it's clear this is just what one store has to say. However, the only explanation given is why the store itself doesn't stock a lot of Xbox360 products - and the reason is "it's not popular". So the more accurate headline would be "How One Japanese Store Explains Its Own Poor Selection Of Xbox 360 Products".

        I was hoping to read impressions from the store staff or manager, about the attitude of customers towards the 360 generally or how Japanese expectations of gaming are served differently between the platforms. Some kind of explanation of "why" in relation to popularity, rather than "why" in relation to stocking practices. Obviously a store isn't going to stock something that's not popular, but I feel like I've just been told that "the Xbox360 isn't popular in Japanese stores because it's not popular with Japanese customers".

        It's not like I expect half a dozen in-depth and super-detailed articles every day, but it would be nice if the headline actually reflected the content.

          Oh, I understand your concerns and have no love for Brian Ashcraft personally, I just felt that to say he needs to be fired over this was ridiculous.
          I have zero objection to comments that disagree with mine or show an opposing point-of-view in a reasonable way like yours does. I just object on principle to insults and calls for people to be fired.

            Actually I was really only annoyed at you for calling me petty and closed minded, simply because I had the audacity to call out an atrocious "journalist" and ask for his dismissal (So all you white knights can get off your high horses.). Which is quite reasonable, considering the constant misleading articles and the lack of real effort in the rest of the authors articles clearly brings down this website as a whole. Now how else are Kotaku to know that I like many other who express their disdain with said author if we do not voice our opinions about it?

            I would also add, the contents of this article say its not popular in this store because its not popular, which is pointed out in the comments above.

            This in itself would have been fine if the title did not say other wise. BUT as it stands the title leads all with proper grammar knowledge and sentence structure (though often miss read by the likes of many as seen in the comments) Clearly states this article would contain information by this retail store as to why it believes the 360 is unpopular in Japan, which is what i wanted to read about.

            The fact that it did not, is why its so misleading and a blatant attempt at prettying up a horrendously irrelevant story to gain more viewers. ( I can sum it up as its not popular cos its not popular, that is all this article is)

            It is as I said before, bad journalism and its a frequent occurrence for Brian which is why i like to voice my vote for his dismissal. Your blind protection of his incompetence at his job does no one any good and the rest of us will still be stuck with his lacklustre work.

            Last edited 24/01/13 12:41 pm

              Sorry to burst your bubble, sport, but Brian Ashcraft is not going to be dismissed on the grounds of your request.

              It would be best if you come to terms with this and redirect your efforts towards self improvement.

                Wait Kotaku is not a democracy?

                *Takes down @dc for mayor poster*

                  When there's only one candidate, there's only one choice!

                I'm so glad to have you around Effluvium you Oxygen Bandit you. Your opinion means so much to me ......

                Last edited 24/01/13 3:04 pm

                  No worries, buddy.

                  I like your name, by the way. King Potato... It's the sort of name one would expect from a classy guy. Someone with charm, maybe a bit cheeky, but a nice guy all-round.
                  It's cool that you have something like that to aspire to. Best of luck.

      Journalism, hahahahahahahahahahaha

      your right, he should be fired

    +1 for Kingpotato

    guys really the obviously reason the Xbox is not popular in japan is that its a American console that dose not have a lot of games that interest them
    ps3 has a huge list of jrpg and date simulator games ect. which appeal to the audience
    also Xbox is much more focused on online play and most Japanese gamers don't tend to play games online so the ps3 is the obvious choice

    Look, everyone knows why the Xbox360 is not popular in Japan.
    I like cheese!

    I wish I looked to see who wrote this article. I always forget to then I read a stupid pile of crap and find it is always Brian....

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