How To Avoid Being Creepy While Interacting With Real, Live Women At A Convention

Sometimes, folks have trouble figuring out what to do with themselves when around attractive women. Nevermind when said woman is dressed as your favourite character from something or other. If I'm describing you, well, this video by YouTube user Ardella Cosplay might be good for you to watch. It walks you through everything from meeting a Real Live Girl to perhaps even taking a picture with a Real Live Girl.

I'm being flippant, of course — and yet I don't doubt there are people out there for which this would be genuinely useful even though it straddles the line between humour and actual advice. Either way, if you have trouble with this sort of thing or can't figure out why you've been branded a creeper, hopefully this actually helps. The world could do with less creepers, right?

[via Maddy Myers]


    Either she has had some extremely bad experience at cons or things really badly of the guys who go to cons. This whole video makes males out to be nothing but perverts.

      That's not the impression I got at all. This is pretty clearly a resource for people to send to those who may know no better. Nowhere in it did I get the impression she was labelling all men as perverts or thinking poorly of male con goers.

        Seems pretty clear to me that it's a comedy piece. Her comments and delivery seem more tongue in cheek than advisory and coupled with their acting style are noticable indicators of comedic intentions. Besides why would she imagine an actual con-creeper would be taking advice instead of creeping on her too?

    Its meant to be tongue in cheek... I think.

      Yeah someone would find it funny... I think.

        Yeah there's definitely more to it than meets the eye... I think.

    This is so true. It's not directed to the general people who attend conventions, it's for the creepy ones who can't control themselves around gorgeous girls dressed scantily in a public place surrounded by way too many dudes. Look out for them at your next convention!

      Indeed.. most people treat other people, regardless of gender, with respect.. but there are those who are 12 year olds inside the bodies of adults that can't.. just can't.. act.. well.. like an adult. It's embarrassing to see it.

      At the end of the day though, there are slim-line costumes and it's fine to have a look.. that's human nature and to say otherwise is just as pathetic and naive. Just don't be creepy.. don't stare.. and if you do talk to them.. look them in the eye just like you would with anyone else. That is, act your age.

    Or just use common sense, your moral compass and don't be a socially maladjusted goon that stares at a women's tata's just because she's wearing a costume. This is the kind of video that just stereotypes gamers further as moronic drooling walking hard ons that don't know how to interact with a girl.

    Would it be excessively prudish of me to suggest that the photographing of ones self with arm around complete stranger in costume seems slightly creepy in itself? Or weird at the least? If nothing else you're partly blocking the costume design that you're trying to get the memento/reference from.

      I'm not a big fan of taking pictures in general, and I can't really imagine taking a photo with a cosplayer, but I've always sort of considered closeness to be important to photos. Without some sort of interaction you're just taking a photo of two people who happen to be in proximity, but if you're posing together it's a photo of two people together.

      That said the only time it's ok to do it without asking is if A) you know the person or B) its their job to pose in photos with people (ie, theme park characters), but even then don't just latch onto them and make sure you're not gross.

      My experience as a cosplayer has been that people who take photos OF you want a photo to appreciate the details of the costume, or in creepers' cases the body in it. People who want a photo WITH you want to post it on Facebook and say 'look at me with Chell :D' - it's about the character rather than the cosplayer, unless you've just made new best friends with them.

      I've done a few pretty well-known characters over time (Sailor Mars, Toph, Chell) and have had a lot of both. I'm not exactly a cheesecake cosplayer, and last year in particular was an experience in 'HEY LOOK IT'S CHELL! CHELL CAN I HOLD YOUR GUN' (no, no you can't, this shit is expensive). I've generally never encountered the creeper behaviour the video is addressed at, although friends have. I'm hoping there's another video in this series that goes like 'if someone says you can't take a photo, they aren't stuck-up bitches, they probably need to pee or put their wig back on'.

      The arm thing is a little weird, but no weirder than a lot of the other stuff that happens at cons - and I think it's probably better than a photo of two strangers standing slightly apart from each other, one smiling maniacally because it's the 100th photo they've done like that today. ;)

        Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I tend to fall very much into the "appreciating the workmanship in the costume" side of things, so the getting a photo taken with the cosplayer always struck me as a little curious.

    I think I've seen the narrator at a few conventions... she does a mean Joanna Dark!

    People complaining about the video; Ms Myers is from Boston USA and lets face it the stereotype for a male convention goer tends to be a sweet pant wearing overweight parents basement type that might not now how to act around attractive opposite sex people.

    If you have watched Poorman's Bikini Beach you know what I mean.

    However back to Ms Myers all she is saying is to treat the person with respect rather than as a sex object and you should be fine.

    However where is the next "Con" in Australia anyway?

    They don't get promoted like they do in the US and Europe.


      Next con in Australia is probably Supanova's Melbourne/Gold Coast shows in April, although there are probably some smaller ones out there before then.

      They don't get promoted much, but generally you're looking at Animania and Supanova as the big ones, and smaller cons include Manifest, AVCon, SMASH, and this year PAX (although that's going to be huge, just only in one location).

      Maybe Kotaku AU could do some kind of con schedule article? I don't think there's anything else out there for all the Australian cons.

    Looks like a media class project from some high school girls.

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