How To Play Hitman Like An Idiot Versus Like A Professional

Playing Hitman: Absolution professionally requires a lot of stealth and planning. You scope out the scene, and land your kills in such a fashion that no one will notice.

Playing Hitman: Absolution like — in timtimfed's video's words — an "idiot", however, doesn't require much planning at all. It just requires a trigger happy finger and maybe a chicken suit.

Watch the live action video to see one scene, played out in the two different methods. Then pick your favourite. I'll go with idiot, because: chicken suit.


    Watching one of my friends play hitman absolution, the mission where you kill the guy in the asian marketplace, i was seeing so many awesome ways to do it, and he just walked in, shot the guy in the face, and walked out. Seemed a waste.

    Just like real life, I always try for the first one but more often than not I end up in a blood soaked chicken suit wondering where I went wrong.

      Lol! +1

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