How To Solve Problems, If You Are Gandalf

Flowcharts sure can be helpful. They allow us to break down life's challenges in a logical way. They can help us decide what to eat, or whether or not to ask our friends to give us a loan. And, if we're a wizard in Middle Earth, they can help decide whether to call in the eagles, resurrect, or phone a hobbit.

This flowchart from LOTRProject offers a helpful guide for Gandalf problem-solving.

It's goofy, sure, but it also points to how Gandalf's methods for getting out of scrapes have become somewhat clichéd, which is something I didn't like about The Hobbit.

If you were Gandalf, would you solve problems this way? Would you abuse your Eagle-summoning powers to make trips to the corner store? I probably would.

Feel free to talk Gandalf, problems, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting.

(Via Laughing Squid)



    If I were Gandalf I would be highly insulted by this. He's a man of much higher decorum than this. He would never refer to something as low as a flow chart to solve problems. Flowcharts are just a tool created to walk the simpletons through the menial tasks that they preform.

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