How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller With Your Mac

If you like to play games on your Mac, you may tire of using the keyboard and mouse and not like the available third-party controllers available for OS X. Instructables user fungus amungus shows how you can adapt either a wireless or wired Xbox 360 controller to work with your Mac.

The basic process is the same for wired or wireless controller use with the exception that you'll need a wireless gaming receiver if you want to be wireless. You'll use a USB driver utility called Tattieboogle to recognise either the controller or receiver and a $5.49 app Joystick Mapper to get the controllers working. After that you should be good to go, though with games you may have to spend a few minutes remapping the buttons before playing.

Use an Xbox 360 Controller on OS X (wired + wireless) [Instructables]

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    Who uses their mac as their gaming platform?

      Some people use a mac for work (you know, work) like myself. I have a gaming pc as well but as you can imagine with money not growing on trees, some need to try and make do with what they have, their mac. I really don't feel like such an idiotic question needs answering but i've seen it pop up so often with most people (more mature than i) rightly just ignoring it.

        Shouldn't have gotten that mac in the first place then, especially if money does not grow on trees for you :P.

        Seems like a pretty easy way to get the controllers to work, should help those people with macs who play the large ammount of small arcade/indie games on steam available to them.

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          exactly what I wanted to say. The problem is a single mac book is the price of a gaming PC.

          Money only grows on tree for those who own macbooks.

          Interesting that Login states they have it for work. A lot of places actually give you a laptop when you start working. This would mean they did not pay for it.

          I also own a Mac and use it for gaming since it's not a terrible machine, it works well for all of my needs so why buy an additional computer than I'm not going to use JUST for gaming. Seems a little ridiculous.

    "How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller With Your Mac"

    Install Windows on it. :D

    I need 2 programs to use a USB a X-Box 360 Controller on a Mac and I need a USB port to use a X-Box 360 Controller on Windows...

    Wait it go Mac fans such an easy to use program. I take it that any USB PC control pad or joystick is equally annoying?

    So many WIN fanboys hating on the OSX here. I have both a pc gaming rig win8 an a mac laptop. I have 0 issues using my wired xbox controller in OSX for controller supported games. All these other fools haven't no clue what they are talking about. Boot camp is a good option if you plan on gaming a lot on your Mac. @Letrico must be not read the news PC gaming is a sadly a dying art and most developers these days use OSX in the work force. The only people i see running windows are people that have 5 year old machines and spend there life in spread sheets or are .net devs.

    If you are complaining about money and mac laptops I'm only to assume that you are using some sort of crappy monitor and missing out on the majority of the advantages of having a gaming rig.

    Give it a few years after windows continues to drop the ball with the OS and market share and the majority of game developers for PC users will be focused on OSX/Linux. It's sad since I like windows but Vista and win8 both are turds on a stick. i've been gaming since Zork and have alway preferred gaming on a PC running win or osx. ANything it better than an xbox360 that still use those old hard school hard drives that have moving parts and take minutes to boot up. Even the new xbox one doesn't have SSD. It's something hard to grasp. My next gen console will be a win machine running steam big picture.

      If you want to buy a Mac just to boot camp and game might as well you use the money to invest on a proper gaming machine.

      Just because Mac have better screens does not mean anything at all. I'm using one of the 27 inch Korea screen which is the A- grade of Mac screens. Performance wise I can even take out one of my gfx and still win your rig hands down.

      Not only you are using windows 8 to game, you even have to boot camp your mac just to use the Xbox controller. You are doing it all wrong

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