How Two Artists Are Staying True To Metal Gear's Legacy With The Series' Next Game

Most of the time here on Fine Art, we can only show art for games that are already out, because that's the way the business works. Most of the time.

We've got a nice break from that today though, with a large collection of art for the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Artists Cho and Kenichirou Yoshimura have shared some of their designs for the game on the site of developers Platinum, along with a story from Yoshimura that should bring relief to Metal Gear fans.

"Three days before I was about to leave Platinum to go freelance, without much left to do, I strolled over to the nearby Rising team to see if they needed any help", he writes. "'I could design something small, if you wanted,' I said. Then I saw their designs — the art style could not have been further from the Metal Gear universe. Immediately, I slammed my fist on the director's table. 'You cannot put this in a Metal Gear game!' I told him. Before I knew it, my last three days at Platinum turned into over half a year."


There are blog posts from both Yoshimura and Cho at Platinum's site, which among other things touch on the challenges of having to contribute to a world in which the art of Yoji Shinkawa looms like a colossus.



To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they're big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".
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    when did metal gear get so messed up looking???
    I only ever played metal gear solid mind you (which i loved), but i dont remember characters being that whacked out...

    on a related note.... is it worth playing through all the older games now? back in my youth i couldnt afford the PS2 to get any after MGS, so they all fell by the wayside.

      I love MGS2 for its philosophy.
      MGS3 has an incredibly emotive story.
      MGS4 ... couldn't love it, though I did try.

      Yes. Go get the hd collection. The ps2 games still play fantastically for there age and the story is timeless.
      I really liked mgs 4. I was very invested in the characters and the mythology though. Also the levels have many different choices in play style so I dug it unlike some.

        That has been my thinking, the HD collection looks nice, but no copies at any local stores, may have to order online.


      This stuff is almost like a culmination of all the design sensibilities built up over MGS (original cyborg ninja Gray Fox), MGS2 (Olga cyborg ninja 2.0, Raiden's skull suit, tengu soldiers, Metal Gear Ray) and MGS3 (The beauties, Vamp).

      DEFINITELY play through 2/3/4/PW they do hold up extremely well. 4 is definitely an acquired taste, but wasn't too bad. I liked it but MGS2 will forever be my favourite game of all time, closely followed by MGS3.

    High as a kite when they designed this stuff no doubt!

    Counting the days for this one......

    Oh look, it's a redheaded Yelena Federova!

    You'd think that these fantastical cyborg ladies could manage to look different from one another...

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