I Bet You Didn’t Think You’d See A Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Film Today

I Bet You Didn’t Think You’d See A Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Film Today

This is… well, it’s certainly something. It’s an 18.5-minute Sonic fan film.

It’s… amazing.

[via NeoGAF]


  • Alright, a lot of work went into this.

    The cgi in this is definitely quality stuff, however I’m not personally happy with the way Sonic is done, the hair/spikes either stick or too much in some arears, or not enough, and then his stomach, and other areas seem to smooth and cartoony to fit with the rest of him. I think that can be fixed with some texture to work, to make it seem a bit more realistic. I think that’s the type of design that they were aiming for?

    I also felt as if Sonic was very stiff for the most part, but considering how much time/effort has gone into this, I am still impressed.

    I do have to ask.. is that blonde female GUN soldier wearing make-up?…really?… really?

    Other than that, and some slightly.. off acting in parts, I’d have to say I’d love to see a longer movie of this, even if it’s just an hour or fourty minutes. It defnitely needs work in my opinion, but it’s got a good, strong start.

    • i see your point, yet i can hear the fans screaming PART 2!!!!
      ill donate 5 bucks if they do a kickstarer in a second!
      awesome job.

      ps. PLEASE dont go down the dreamcast story line. sally acorn is awesome to.

  • I’ve gotta admit, it looks good, the CGI is a bit off, but definitely good for what it is.

    My only problem with it? Sonic. He looks PAINFULLY out of place.

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