I Can't Decide If This Call Of Duty Troll Is Hilarious Or Annoying

Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of infuriating yet hilarious trolling in Call of Duty by YouTube user NormalDifficulty. I've definitely come across this type of player before — and really, the only thing you can do is to ignore em, right? They want you to blow up or react, that's the point of adopting these affectations.

But playing along can also be fun. If you're devious you can try to counter-troll. Alternatively you can just take it with a sense of humour. People are so serious! Unfortunately, a lot of these folks got annoyed super quickly, which is part of what makes this so amusing to watch. Of course, it's always amusing when it's not you.

The guy trolling has a number of acts — from annoying voices to loud mouth breathing to, my favourite, the Mickey Mouse voice. It's my favourite because it honestly sounds like he's having a blast when he yells WOHOO after every kill...the little kid, meanwhile, is fuuuurious.

Ah, online gaming. I love your circus so.


    5 minutes in and nothing funny has happened.

    Getting people to watch that crap was a bigger troll move than anything in the video...

    People don't know how to mute on Live still, Trolls die when you mute them. Kill a Troll today and just ignore them.

    "I never feed Trolls and I don't read SPAM" Weird Al Yankovics words to live online by.

    How To Annoy is better. https://www.youtube.com/channel/SWzIO-OSfX19w

    Meh, not really funny. ModernWarNegro is funnier. The only funny thing about this is that typical I'll hack your IP crap that people say.

    Ahh, a timely reminder of why I gave up on COD.

    I challenge you to find a worse, more vile community in gaming.

    I love how nerds go from zero to gangsta when someone annoys them: 'ima fuck you up bitch'


    Why do (some) COD players jump straight to homophobic remarks? Is there something about being gay that makes a person an inherently worse video game player?

    Damn those comments bug me. Put some effort in to insults people!

    I am not homosexual myself, but I seriously want to start a League of Extraordinary Gay Gamers. "We are gay and we are better than you. Now what?"

      Nah, it's just that they know that men get upset the most when they are called gay. It's sad that they resort to that and it's also sad that boys think that being called gay is bad.

    I'm not usually one for liking this kind of stuff, but I lost it when he started doing the Mickey Mouse impression. The kid lost it!

    Guess some player in COD dont know how to use a mute button. Also if you play hardcore mode you can shoot trolls in your own team!

    I play COD on occassion and I would agree the general community is poor at best.

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